Adoption is Heroic

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. We often say adoption is a wonderful and loving option, but it certainly could be described as “heroic.”

We received this letter, written by a student as a class assignment to write an essay about a “Michigan hero.” He chose his biological mother and his adoptive mother, who both showed courage in the face of adversity to do the right thing.

The names have been replaced by pseudonyms and his birthdate removed.

My Michigan Hero

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word hero as, “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” My mom’s (my birth mom and my mom Lena) fits the definition very well, and that is why they are my Michigan heroes. My moms are heroes because my birth mom gave birth to me giving me the gift of life, instead of making other choices which would not have gotten me where I am today. Also my mom Lena because she works in the medical field and proceeded to work in the medical field during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My mom (Lena) is caring, loving and nice to her patients and I, and always goes above and beyond the limit and always doing more than what’s asked of her. My mom is that person that will go to the store for herself and come back with something for you. She is always keeping me on task and making sure things are done on time. My mom is a Certified Medical Assistant or (CMA). If the doctor asks her something she knows it and if she needs something she knows right where it is. She somehow manages to remember all 500 of her patients’ names and they all have nice things to say about her.

My biological mother (Ann) had a lot of issues and was on a lot of things that she shouldn’t have been. I was born the youngest out of 9 and I am fortunate to be where I am today. She is my hero because she did the right thing and gave me up for adoption to my loving family that I am with now. One of her children passed away due to heart failure and I managed to be cleared with no related problems to my heart. Even though I have never met her she still is my hero and is always in the back of my mind and I am thankful for the gifts she has given me. These people are my heroes, one because I admire my biological mother (Ann) because of the amazing gifts she has given me as far as the opportunities I am able to have, and my mom because she puts me before herself and that makes me want to do that for my kids when I get older.

In conclusion, My moms are my heroes because of the great things my mom does for me and the great gifts my birth mom has given me of being able to thrive as an athlete, a good student and a kind and caring person. My mom is a great role model and I would like to be like her one day and I love her very much. My Birth mom made a very good choice on [my birthday].