By Grace Hemmeke, Right to Life of Michigan Events and Outreach Coordinator

The one-year anniversary of Dobbs is a celebratory time for the cause of life nationwide! The Dobbs decision reaffirms our national commitment to women and children – their health and their futures – and a broader life ethic that characterizes the best of humanity.

Dobbs is not an end in itself but the reigniting of a cultural conversation about how we as a society value and support each and every woman through the most challenging of times, inviting her to make a choice for life. Since Dobbs, tens of thousands of lives have been saved, and countless women are not left to wonder what could have been.

While Proposal 3 ushered in unregulated abortion at any time, today, we invite women to make a courageous, hope-filled choice for life. No woman should feel that she is alone. Thousands of Michiganders serve in 100 pregnancy resource centers across the state ready to stand with you. These centers provide ongoing support, free medical care, housing and transportation assistance, and supplies for women at each stage of pregnancy and after birth.

Our hope is that more and more women will see a choice for life as possible, take advantage of supports across our communities, and look to a future filled with hope and happiness.