By Chris Gast, Right to Life of Michigan Director of Communication/Education

Since 1976, the federal Hyde Amendment has protected taxpayers from being forced to pay for other people’s abortions. It has been included in every federal budget for more than four decades.

President Biden and pro-abortion leaders in Congress are now attempting to pass a federal budget that removes the Hyde Amendment (current status). If they are successful:

  • “Free” abortions will be provided with your tax dollars.
  • Abortions will increase massively.

Michigan banned state tax dollars from paying for abortions in 1988. In one year, abortions declined by 22%. Since then, our state version of the Hyde Amendment has saved an estimated 252,855 lives.

Millions of lives are at stake. Your rights are at stake. Take action today:

  1. Contact the U.S. Congress and tell them to save the Hyde Amendment.
  2. Share this social media graphic to encourage others to contact Congress.
  3. Distribute this flyer to help educate others.
  4. Please also call to encourage these U.S. Senate Democrats from other
    states who support the Hyde Amendment. Tell them to stand strong:

    • Sen. Joe Manchin (West Virginia): (202) 224-3954
    • Sen. Tim Kaine (Virginia): (202) 224-4024
    • Sen. Bob Casey (Pennsylvania): (202) 224-6324