Lake Odessa, MI — Residents of the home at which an unarmed, 84-year-old prolife canvasser was shot on September 20 spoke with a local Grand Rapids news station.

WOOD-TV’s evening news shows Richard and Sharon Harvey of Odessa Township claiming Mr. Harvey pulled his gun on the victim while she was peacefully canvassing to vote “no” on Proposal 3. Mr. Harvey said he accidentally pulled the trigger.

Anna Visser, Right to Life of Michigan Communications Director, said, “No one should fear violence while peacefully exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech. This 84-year old woman is hardly imposing, standing about 5-feet tall. The idea that shooting this woman is at all excusable is a dangerous claim for Americans across the country who engage in peaceful door-to-door canvassing.”

The Michigan State Police investigation into the shooting of the volunteer is ongoing. While Mr. and Mrs. Harvey publicly claim the shooting was an “accident,” Sharon Harvey’s public social media posts raise questions about the motive. Mrs. Harvey’s Facebook page reveals very strong opinions on abortion, the issue the volunteer was canvassing about, and vitriol for prolifers and anyone who disagrees with her. Her extensive history of demonstrated hatred for people who disagree with her draws her account into question.

As of this release Sharon Harvey’s Facebook profile is still accessible publicly.

The 84-year-old victim of the shooting said investigators have told her she was shot once, and the bullet passed through her shoulder to her back. She said the shot dazed her, she got in her car and drove to the police, fearing she would be shot again by Mr. Harvey.

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Additional screenshots from Mrs. Harvey’s Facebook page
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