By Chris Gast, Right to Life of Michigan Education Coordinator

On Wednesday, January 11, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib took to the floor of the U.S. House to denounce prolife legislation as “policy violence.”

She said, “Let me be clear, abortion bans impact and endanger the lives of many of our residents, including those that live with disabilities. We will have many fights ahead of us, Mr. Speaker, and I will continue to hold the line to push back against policy violence that those that want to continue to inflict on the American people with the extreme right agenda.”

What does “policy violence” mean?

In Ye Olden Days of Yore, violence used to mean, “the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.” Hacking someone to pieces is violence. Stabbing them in the heart is violence. Poisoning them is violence.

But not so, according to Rep. Tlaib. Now, the new and improved definition of violence means whatever Rep. Tlaid hates, and nothing she loves.

Telling abortionists they have to give women informed consent before surgery isn’t violence. Requiring children to receive consent from their parents before taking pills isn’t violence. Telling prolife doctors and nurses they can’t be forced to engage in violence isn’t violence.

What is violence in the context of abortion? Using a high-powered suction machine to liquify a baby. Using forceps to forcibly yank them apart, one limb at a time, and then crush their skull with forceps. Injecting a needle into their heart with poison to stop it. Ingesting poison to starve a baby to death, and then taking more pills to cause contractions to force her out of her natural, safe space. Or, as we see pro-abortion states move to re-legalize partial-birth abortion, beginning labor and then when only the baby’s head is left in the birth canal, stabbing her and suctioning out her brains.

That’s violence. Violence against innocent human beings is wrong. Violence against your own child is wrong. Not only is it wrong because it violates the sanctity of human life, but it degrades the value of all human life. If we can kill innocent children because they are inconvenient, why limit it to only some children?

Rep. Tlaib ironically finished her Wednesday address by denouncing violence against Palestinian children. Well, so what? If there are individuals who don’t believe those children are people, why is it OK for Rep. Tlaib to inflict her own brand of “policy violence” on them? Is Rep. Tlaib the one who bestows human dignity on people—and takes it away from others? She can continue her clarion call to “fight like Hell” to kill babies, but who elected her as a god?

Violence, like beauty, is now in the eye of beholder. After all, Rep. Tlaib voted against a U.S. House resolution Wednesday condemning the campaign of violence against prolife pregnancy centers. Rep. Tlaib seems to support that violence, but it’s OK because she hates those people.

Abortion advocates know abortion is violent. They recoil at any description of the violent nature of abortion procedures designed to end a human life. They will do anything to avoid being reminded of it. And the violence must never cease, even after birth. As Rep. Tlaib’s vote Wednesday on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act shows, even if children survive those planned killings, abortion facilities still demand the power to make those babies dead, one way or the other.

Stopping violence isn’t violence. Rep. Tlaib: a refusal to acknowledge you support violence is not courage, but cowardice. No amount of new terms can change the reality that we’re killing thousands of babies every day in America because we just can’t be bothered to care about them.