MiGen Leads strives to educate, support, empower, and serve

MiGen Leads is a broad group of students from all backgrounds and walks of life committed to advocating for a choice for life and supporting women in need. Have fun, make connections, join in prolife service projects, and help people make a choice for life themselves! As the student and young adult outreach arm of Right to Life of Michigan (RLM), we adhere to the RLM Mission Statement and Goals and seek to build a culture in which all life is welcomed, valued and supported.

What Does MiGen Leads Offer?

Start a MiGen Leads Group
Are you a student looking to organize a prolife group at your school? Right to Life of Michigan has resource guides for both college and high school students with simple step-by-step start-up instructions. This guide also has useful tips for established groups looking to increase their activity.

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Educate Your Community
Right to Life of Michigan has a variety of educational materials available for MiGen Leads groups to use, including our LifeNotes and PowerPoint Presentations. We keep these materials up to date and encourage you to use educational materials during your meetings as well as for public outreach purposes.

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Service Projects4Life
Make a difference in your community by organizing a life-affirming service project. These fun activities demonstrate the true heart of the prolife movement and enable us to offer tangible support and a helping hand to women experiencing uncertainty. Let’s face it—we need each other! Together, let’s make a difference for life. Download this flyer with ideas for prolife service projects.

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Activate for Life
MiGen Leads student and young adults are able to participate in volunteer work through their local Right to Life of Michigan affiliate to support candidates who promote a choice for life. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact the MiGen Leads Coordinator for more information.

Get Plugged In
Do you belong to a prolife group that is looking to make more connections in your community? Right to Life of Michigan has 83 affiliates across the state, if interested contact Jazlyn Bailey [email protected] or (616) 532-2300.

MiGen Leads is a project of Right to Life of Michigan designed to expand outreach to students and young adults. MiGen Leads’ Coordinator, Jazlyn Bailey, provides staff support and outreach in coordination with RLM affiliates. She also serves as a speaker upon request. Contact Jazlyn Bailey at  [email protected] or call (616) 523-2300.


High School Oratory Contest
Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund’s annual high school oratory contest is open to all prolife high school students in Michigan. Contestants give a 5-7 minute speech on one of several prolife topics. Local contests are sponsored by affiliates across the state in the spring, followed by a state contest for local winners.

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Senior Prolife Essay Scholarship
The Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund awards a $500 scholarship in the spring to one prolife high school senior. Selection criteria include a 400-500 word essay on a given prompt. Candidates are nominated by their local RLM affiliates.

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High School Volunteers of the Year
MiGen Leads invites all high school students to participate in the annual Volunteer of the Year awards. Students are nominated by their local Right to Life affiliates after turning in an application and list of prolife volunteer work and activism. Three students from across Michigan will win the title of Volunteer of the Year by Right to Life of Michigan.

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College Design Contest
College students from all over Michigan can now take part in a prolife t-shirt design contest through MiGen Leads. Among other prizes, your digitally created design could be featured on our Prolife Shop for purchase. Applications, designs, and creative statements are due May 3, 2024.

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