Meet Our Team

Anna-Marie Pluymert
Director of Communication/Education

Amber Roseboom
Vice President of Operations

Barbara Listing

Barbara Rotary
Director of Planned Giving

Barbi Aumiller
Field Staff Coordinator

Brad Smith
Development Coordinator

Brian Cusack
Director of Development

Dee Bennette
Field Representative

Elisa Prusko
Office Manager/Benefits Administrator

Genevieve Marnon
Legislative Director

Grace Hemmeke
Events and Outreach Coordinator

Hennessey Bevins
Public Affairs Associate

Jazlyn Bailey
MiGen Leads Coordinator
(Youth and Young Adult Outreach)

Ken Stults
Faith Outreach Coordinator

Kristina Gruchow
Director of Finance

Lisa Goss
Field Representative

Mara Petro
Direct Mailing Manager/Department Administrative Assistant

Maria Teresa Garcia
Multicultural Outreach Support Staff

Michelle Burke
Field Representative

Randy Royston
Development Coordinator

Tina Teifer
Director of Multicultural Outreach