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On November 8, Michigan voters face a critically important choice: who will be leading our state for the next four years? For prolife voters, that choice couldn’t be a greater contrast when it comes to the issue of abortion. Where do Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Tudor Dixon stand on prolife issues

Priorities in Michigan

What do these two candidates see as issues of primary important to everyday life of people in Michigan?

Governor Whitmer has made abortion the centerpiece of her campaign. During the COVID pandemic, she justified keeping abortion facilities open while other outpatient facilitates were closed by calling abortion “life-sustaining.” She has focused on abortion more than any other topic on social media, with a rallying cry that she will “fight like Hell” for “menstruating people.”

Tudor Dixon has said, “In the coming days, weeks, and months we will hear politicians and pundits weaponize the topic of abortion to further divide us. But make no mistake, they care nothing about the women now or in the future facing the enormous life changes and challenges that motherhood brings.”

Parental rights

Parental rights are an extremely important issue in this election cycle.

Governor Whitmer has vocally supported Proposal 3, which would give children an unlimited right to pregnancy and all mattes related to it—including abortion—that begins “from birth.” Proposal 3 would repeal Michigan’s law requiring parental consent for minors seeking abortion, as well as parental involvement dealing with other pregnancy-related issues.

Tudor Dixon supports Michigan’s parental consent for abortion law. She said, “We really believe that parents are going to get involved in this election in a way they never have before, because not only do we have this attack on women, an attack on our young girls, but we’ve also had an attack on education from this governor.”

Late-term abortions

During her time in the Michigan Legislature, Governor Whitmer voted multiple times against partial-birth abortion bans. Partial-birth abortions involve partially-birthing a child in the late terms of pregnancy, stabbing her in the head, and sucking out her brains. Governor Whitmer supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, up to and including the process of birth.

Tudor Dixon opposes abortion, including abortion done in the later terms of pregnancy.


We are most vulnerable at the beginning and near the end of our lives. What candidates believe about healthcare in these critical stages has an important impact in our lives.

As mentioned before, Governor Whitmer made it a crime to receive most medical treatments at outpatient facilities during the early months of the COVID pandemic. However, she exempted abortion facilities from following her orders. She also directed that contagious COVID patients be placed in nursing homes, which were housing the most vulnerable population at risk of dying of COVID.

Tudor Dixon opposes special treatment for abortion facilities and vocally opposes Governor Whitmer’s nursing home policies. She said, “We will never forget what Gretchen Whitmer did when she put COVID patients in nursing homes. She kept families from loved ones. I know. My family lived it. We will hold her accountable.”

Adoption and pregnancy help

Women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies often need help, as well as families raising children in general.

Governor Whitmer has vetoed multiple attempts in the state budget to increase funding for pregnancy help and promoting adoption. Despite voting to create the Parenting and Pregnancy Student Services Act when she was a state legislator, Governor Whitmer has vetoed every attempt to fund the program, which would provide lists of help resources for college students who are pregnant or parenting. Her objection to these programs is that they do not promote abortion.

Tudor Dixon said, “Our vision for a just America is one that fosters a culture of life, from womb to grave. One where families can have children–and afford them. We should make it easier to have and raise a family by creating policies that afford parents quality time with their children and make it easier to adopt. That means the federal government should no longer use the tax code to penalize marriage or extract money from families when their loved ones die. That means states should prioritize reforming and improving our child welfare and foster systems instead of treating them like a black box that we don’t talk about.”

Family leave vs. paid abortions

In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and worrying economic indicators, some corporations announced they would begin cutting family leave policies, while also funding their employees abortions.

At the 2022 Mackinac Policy Conference featuring many prominent Michigan business leaders, Governor Whitmer called on corporate leaders to make supporting abortion a high priority.

Tudor Dixon opposes corporations cutting family leave policies to instead fund more abortions. She said, “Corporations should step up and support paid family leave. No, this doesn’t have to be a mandate. Great companies are built on great people. People will be happier, healthier, and more productive if their home life is good—their family is a source of joy, not stress.”