Every election cycle, Right to Life of Michigan volunteers make contact with hundreds of thousands of voters around the state. If you would like to go door-to-door or even make calls from the comfort of your own home, please fill out the form below and our field representative for your area will follow-up with you.



A single vote has the ability to change election outcomes.

How to Vote

Michigan’s election laws allow for voters to cast their ballots in a number of simple and convenient ways.

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Why Vote?

The results of every election will have outcomes that span multiple generations. Overwhelming turn-out is needed to stop pro-abortion politicians. Your Vote Matters!

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Support The RLM PAC

Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC) is composed of people whose passionate belief, held in common, is that human life is a vital force which has value and dignity from conception to natural death.

About the PAC
Why political action is important, and why the right to life is one of the most important single issues in our nation’s history.

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Where the Candidates Stand on Life
Find out where the 2024 U.S. Presidential Primary Candidates stand on the issue of life.

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RLM PAC Endorsement Criteria
RLM-PAC endorsements are non-partisan, and based solely on RLM-PAC bylaws and the criteria listed below.

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Endorsed Candidates


Endorsements for the 2024 elections will be released in early June.

Personalized Ballot Generator

Get a personalized list of prolife candidates who will appear on your ballot who are endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC.

Endorsements for the 2024 elections will be released in early June.