Please join us on Monday, August 12, 2024 at St. Joseph Parish Hall in Manistee, MI for our Annual Focus on Life Benefit Dinner. We will be featuring special guest speaker Dr. John Bruchalski, MD who converted from an abortionist to a prolife doctor. Questions? Call (517) 333-6737 or email Hosted by Right to Life of Manistee County.

Abortionist to Prolife Doctor

Dr. John Bruchalski, MD

A nationally known author who resides in northern Virginia, Dr. Bruchalski has been seen on EWTN, Fox News and Newsmax. Several years ago, after a terrible misjudgment in the delivery room, Dr. Bruchalski realized that with every pregnant woman he attends, there are two patients – the mother and the unborn child. In addition to this discovery, two remarkable spiritual experiences deepened his understanding of the kind of man he became and the one he was called to be. His book entitled “Two Patients” tells of his conversion story.After several years of practicing obstetrics, Dr. Bruchalski established Divine Mercy Care, a charitable nonprofit foundation in 2000. He now devotes much of his time traveling throughout the country promoting Christ centered medicine and educating the next generation of prolife medical providers. Learn more about Dr. Bruchalski and his book “Two Patients” at