Right to Life of Michigan and the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund strive to accommodate all communities with an interest in learning how to empower women and girls to make informed decisions. We have a wide variety of educational resources available including one-page factsheets, in-depth handouts, resources for people of faith, and our resource centers across Michigan.

Abortion Death Comparison

Compares the number of abortions in Michigan to other common causes of death.

Black Abortions By the Numbers

Provides statistics for Black abortions in the United States and in Michigan.

Dangers of Mail-Order Abortions

Describes the dangers of at-home abortions via abortion pills through the mail.

Destroying Our Future

Examines the economic impact of abortion.

Fast Facts

List of basic facts and statistics about abortion.

Hispanic Abortions

Bilingual factsheet that provides statistics for Hispanic abortions in the United States.

Michigan Abortion Statistics

Provides an overview of the most recent annual abortion statistics in Michigan.

Post-Abortion Syndrome

Provides research and resources for the mental and emotional health effects of abortion.

The History of You

Features basic facts about fetal development through the nine months of pregnancy.

A Detailed Look at the Abortion Pill

Medical abortion using pills has become the most common form of abortion in America. This LifeNotes provides a detailed look at the most common drug regimen used for these abortions.