Laws and Regulations

Informed Consent: 24-Hour Waiting Period

A patient considering an abortion must be offered, either in paper or online, all of the following information at least 24-hours prior to an abortion:

  • A medically accurate depiction, illustration or photograph of a fetus at the probable gestational age.
  • A written description of the abortion procedure.
  • A prenatal care and parenting information pamphlet.
  • Information about what to do and whom to contact in the event of medical complications.
  • Information about pregnancy-related services.
  • A facility may not collect any type of payment during this waiting period. Any advance payments must be refunded to the woman if she doesn’t go through with the abortion.

Coerced Abortions Law

It’s against Michigan law to coerce a woman into having an abortion. The facility staff are required to ask women if they are being forced or pressured to have an abortion against their will. If a woman is being coerced, staff must give them a referral to law enforcement or a domestic violence support agency.

Parental Consent Law

If an abortion was performed on a female under the age of 18 without one of the following, the facility would be in violation:

  • A consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian, or:
  • A judicial waiver of parental consent.

Ultrasound Viewing Law

If an ultrasound was performed on the patient prior to the abortion, the medical professional performing the ultrasound must ask the patient if she would like to view the live ultrasound image of her baby, and if she would like to take a printed copy of the image with her.

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