Please join us on Thursday, September 19, 2024 at Knights of Columbus Hall in Caro, MI for our Annual Focus on Life Benefit Dinner. We will be featuring special guest speaker Lisa Gigliotti, who is an advocate for people with disabilities. Questions? Call Stephanie Spencer at (989) 325-1377 or e-mail Hosted by Tuscola County Right to Life.


Lisa Gigliotti

For more than twenty-five years Lisa has lived with severe rheumatoid arthritis and myasthenia gravis. Through thirteen major surgeries and recurrent use of a wheelchair, Lisa has maintained a fulfilling and positive life. She has achieved successful careers as an administrative law judge, a policy advisor for the Michigan state senate and governor, an advocate for people with disabilities and for improving end-of-life care, and is dedicated to helping others lead more fulfilling lives. In pursuit of encouraging others, Lisa has written four books that describe her Italian-American upbringing and how Coraggio—courage—is the key to overcoming adversity and to achieving any endeavor.