Right to Life of Michigan has many handouts covering a wide range of topics available for your educational efforts. These factsheets are free for download and copying. Several have Spanish and/or Chaldean translations available; please visit our multicultural outreach page to see them.

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Current Events

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Record on Life – Provides a detailed look at Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s record on prolife issues.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Record on Life – Provides a detailed look at Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s record on prolife issues.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s Record on Life – Provides a detailed look at Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s record on prolife issues.


Abortion and the “Life of the Mother” – Provides an explanation for the “life of the mother” exception.

Abortion Death Comparison – Compares the number of abortions in Michigan to other common causes of death.

Abortion Leaves Families Heartbroken – Addresses the often overlooked issue of how abortion impacts family members

Abortions Since Roe v. Wade – Overview of abortion statistics and trends in the United States since 1973.

Black Abortions By the Numbers – Provides statistics for Black abortions in the United States and in Michigan.

Dangers of Mail-Order Abortions – Describes the dangers of at-home abortions via abortion pills through the mail.

Destroying our Future – Examines the economic impact of abortion.

Fast Facts – List of basic facts and statistics about abortion.

Hispanic Abortions – Bilingual factsheet which provides statistics for Hispanic abortions in the United States.

Is Abortion Painful for the Baby? – Discusses the topic of fetal pain and provides facts and references.

Michigan Abortion Statistics – Provides an overview of the most recent annual abortion statistics in Michigan.

Post-Abortion Syndrome – Provides research and resources for the mental and emotional health effects of abortion.

Providing and Promoting Abortion – An overview of Planned Parenthood and their commitment to abortion.

Targeted Abortions – Highlights instances where abortion is used as a tool of sex or disability discrimination.

War Casualties – Visually compares lives lost in combat to the number of lives lost to abortion.

End of Life Issues

Doctor-Prescribed Suicide – Examines laws and proposed laws that allow others to assist people in committing suicide.

End of Life Care: Advanced Directives – Details various advanced directives and which provide patients the most protection.

End of Life Care: Positive Care or Euthanasia Pitfall? – Discusses hospice, pain management, and medically-assisted feeding of food and water.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Booklet – Provides information and a power of attorney form to help ensure your rights and wishes are respected.

Fetal Development

The History of You – Features basic facts about fetal development through the nine months of pregnancy.

Stem Cell Research

The Great Stem Cell Debate – Provides basic information about the issue of stem cell research.

Speaking Out About Life

A Voice for Life – A brief introduction to Right to Life of Michigan and our mission.

Being Prolife: How the Church Can Help – A general bulletin insert that provides a basic overview of the prolife movement and key issues.

Election Activity: What Churches Can and Can’t Do – Gives pastors and churches general guidance on what political activities they can engage in.

It’s Easy to Be Prolife – Looks at some common arguments in favor of abortion and prolife responses to them.

Preaching the Prolife Message – Explains why it is important to discuss life issues in faith settings, and gives some tips on preparing prolife sermons.

Prolife Picketing – Provides information and guidelines for holding peaceful and legal prolife picketing events.

Prolife Scripture References – Bible verses which address the sanctity of human life.

What Churches Can Do – Provides suggestions for churches to become more involved in the prolife movement.