By Chris Gast, Right to Life of Michigan Education Coordinator

FOX 2 in Detroit hosts a weekend show, Let it Rip, featuring guests talking about hot-button topics, including abortion. Last weekend’s episode broke new ground, with activist Jex Blackmore apparently aborting her child live on air.

Blackmore’s purpose in this deadly stunt? To claim abortion is easy.

Blackmore is no stranger to the media or Michigan. She’s the former leader of the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple, which has tried to involve itself in abortion by claiming ritual human sacrifice is a religious freedom issue. Blackmore was too extreme for Satan and was kicked out of her group in 2018 for threatening to execute President Trump, among other things.

Blackmore’s media stunts are wide and varied, including showing up at an abortion facility protest with men wearing baby masks and bondage attire. One stunt that must be remembered in light of this weekend’s show involves one of her previous abortions. In 2015, Blackmore live-blogged her abortion. Instead of calling it “easy” to encourage others to have abortions, Blackmore’s take back in 2015 was very honest:

“I couldn’t sleep last night. Low, deep pains on my left side kept me awake. I’m still taking painkillers. I woke up frustrated that this is still happening. … My body aches. I have no energy. I’m sick of this. Is it manageable? Of course, but I don’t want to “manage” my life. I want to live it.”

The abortion pill seems easier, but the truth is that it’s only easy for the abortion facility staff, who never have to take the time or effort to interact with anything but the woman’s wallet. It’s the woman who suffers days of bleeding at home or at work. It’s the woman who ends up passing her child—maybe in a public place, or maybe in the toilet at home—and cleaning up the mess.

While much national media coverage of Blackmore’s 2015 stunt still exists and can be easily found, Blackmore has since deleted her abortion blog. The child she deleted in 2015 would be six now, attending first grade. The child would no doubt want to continue living their life today, if you could ask them.

Six years and three abortions later, Blackmore’s opinion on abortion truthfully mirrors the progression of abortion supporters. Gone are the days of “safe, legal, and rare.” Instead, they are demanding abortion anytime, anywhere, for any reason, broadcast to the world, and they are proud of it. If Planned Parenthood’s plan to create a new unlimited right to abortion in Michigan’s Constitution comes true this year, Blackmore’s vision of never-ending abortions will be realized: human sacrifices for her own supposed good.

The abortion issue is deadly serious, no matter what your beliefs about it are. We believe the 61 million unborn children missing from our country deserved to live their lives. We believe the millions of women, men, and families scarred by a previous abortion are not well represented by a person who uses abortion not only as a birth control method, but sadly as a self-promotion strategy.