High School Oratory Contest

Right to Life of Michigan’s annual high school oratory contest is open to all prolife high school students in Michigan. Contestants will give a 5 to 7 minute speech on one of several prolife topics. Contests are sponsored by Right to Life of Michigan affiliates across the state. Winners of the local affiliate contests will compete in the statewide contest in the Lansing area in the spring, and the winner of the state competition will win a trip to compete in National Right to Life’s contest in June or July.

For more information about the Oratory Contest, contact your local Right to Life of Michigan affiliate, or State Contest Coordinator Emily Kroll at (616) 532-2300 or ekroll@rtl.org.

2021 Contest

Our Annual High School Oratory Contest will be taking place in person on May 22 in Charlotte. This year 23 affiliates from around the state will be hosting local contests throughout March and April. See below for the complete list of local contests.


Gaylord Right to Life:
March 6
Gaylord Family Fellowship Church

Kalamazoo Right to Life:
March 6
Location TBD

North Allegan County Right to Life:
March 9
Location TBD

Holland Area Right to Life:
March 11
Central Avenue CRC

Mason County Right to Life, Manistee Right to Life, Oceana County Right to Life:
March 13
Lighthouse Baptist Church, Ludington

Newaygo Right to Life:
March 13
St. Bart’s Newaygo

Washtenaw Area Right to Life:
March 13
Fr. Gabriel Richard H.S., Ann Arbor

Chippewa County Right to Life:
March 14
Free Methodist Church, Sault Ste. Marie

Grand Rapids Right to Life:
March 16
Beverly Reformed Church

Warren/Centerline Right to Life:
March 16
Woodside Bible Church, Warren

Clinton County Right to Life:
March 20
St. Johns

Huron County Right to Life:
March 20
Oswald Hall at St. Hubert Parish, Bad Axe

Plymouth Right to Life:
March 20
Plymouth Library

Upper Downriver Right to Life:
March 20
Southgate Veterans Memorial Library

Grand Traverse Area Right to Life:
March 22
St. Francis High School, Traverse City

Tri-Cities Right to Life:
March 23
Knights of Columbus Hall, Grand Haven

Cass County Right to Life:
March 26

Lenawee County Right to Life:
March 26
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Adrian

Eaton County Right to Life:
April 10
New Hope Community Church, Charlotte

Sanilac County Right to Life:
April 10
Sandusky Baptist Church, Sandusky

Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods Right to Life:
April 11
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, St. Clair Shores

St. Clair County Right to Life:
April 11
St. Christopher Church, Marysville

Mecosta/Osceloa Right to Life:
April 13
Liberty Baptist Church, Paris

Saginaw Right to Life:
April 13
New Life Christian Church, Saginaw


For more information, contact the State Contest Coordinator Emily Kroll, ekroll@rtl.org, or your local affiliate.

2020 Contest

Our Annual High School Oratory Contest was held virtually the third week of May. We had 20 contestants who gave powerful speeches in defense of life. Our first-place winner was Bergen Johnson from Manistee and Mason County Right to Life. Our second-place winner was Ethan Huizen from Grand Rapids Right to Life, and our third-place winner was Blaze Cerbins from Holland Area Right to Life.


From Bergen’s speech:

“But what is abortion? Hey Google, what is abortion? One of the first things to pop up will say, “The deliberate termination of a HUMAN pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of a pregnancy.” Planned Parenthood cannot say that it is a human pregnancy; but, one of its many large money donors Google can’t come to say non-human, a clump of cells, they say human pregnancy. That seems odd but moving on, that is what abortion does to you. Be quiet and move on, it was your right as a woman. Its empowering to have that choice but in reality, almost all women that have had an abortion don’t ever come to move on and get over it.”


From Ethan’s speech:

“Once people start taking the role of God in deciding when life should end, it is a slippery slope and many lives are affected in tragic ways. An example of where this slippery slope leads is the Netherlands, where they have gone so far as to widely practice involuntary euthanasia. As stated in a 2014 article by the American College of Pediatricians, “Frequently it is the Dutch physician who decides who lives and who dies.” Also in the Netherlands it is even becoming acceptable for people to request euthanasia because they are elderly and tired of living or who might otherwise live for many years, such as young people with mental illness. This ideology ultimately devalues life, and if we let our society continue to slide, what is to stop it from being acceptable to request euthanasia if you are depressed, have the flu, or simply have a bad day.”


From Blaze’s speech:

“According to Dr. Warren Hern’s book, Abortion Practice, which was written to train doctors to perform abortions, he defines an unwanted pregnancy as a “disease” a “parasitic illness” for which the treatment of choice is abortion. This is false science because this so called unborn “clump of cells” is genetically distinct from its parents. These cells have all the genetic material needed to drive their human development. Granted, it is an immature human, but human nonetheless. Pro-Life apologist and author, Scott Klusendorf writes, “Unlike sperm and ovum, the zygote possesses the active capacity to develop into an embryo, fetus, infant, child and adult. Living things do not become entirely different creatures in the process of changing their form. What they are stays the same.”