Right to Life of Michigan fully supports the option of adoption. Adoption protects human life and offers women experiencing crisis pregnancies a viable alternative to abortion. We realize that adoption will not be the choice of every woman facing a crisis pregnancy, but it is a choice that should be available in her decision making.

Encouraging Adoption

This short film explores the stories of several people who discovered the joy adoption can bring. Adoption is sometimes the best solution to an unplanned pregnancy, for those unable to have children, or for a child in need. Most importantly, adoption shows the life-saving and life-affirming power of adoption.

Choosing Life Even When it’s Hard

Jamie Kwiatkowski put a hand on her swollen belly. How was she going to take care of another baby? Working two jobs while attending school barely left time for her one-year old son, let alone another baby. Conflicted, she considered her options.

After the past year of raising her son by herself, Jamie wanted to weep when she discovered she was pregnant again. She wanted to give this child the world, but knew she didn’t have the ability to do that. Contemplating her options, she first decided abortion was the answer. But after thinking about it more, she decided she couldn’t go through with it.

Jamie already struggled with her son not knowing his father. She didn’t want her baby girl to grow up with a father Jamie couldn’t trust, one intermittently in trouble with the law. Knowing that she couldn’t parent her baby girl, the only option left was adoption. She researched open adoption and found the perfect family to adopt her baby girl.

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Our Unplanned Family

By Ken and Pearl Van Dellen—When we held our family gathering just before Christmas this year, my wife, Pearl, and I were struck by something stunning for which we are very grateful. Every one of our descendants resulted from adoptions following unplanned pregnancies.

Of course, it is wrong to put a greater value on one human life over another, but, as proud parents and grandparents, Pearl and I believe that the world be a poorer place without any one of these.

Lisa, Kara, Greg, and John’s mother were all born as a result of unplanned pregnancies before the “right to choose…” was discovered, and it stuns us to think that had Roe v. Wade occurred only a few years earlier, some or all of our descendants might have been conceived by women who could legally choose to abort them.

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Adoption Resources

Adoption Agencies and Pregnancy Services
There are more than 150 prolife pregnancy center and adoption agency locations in Michigan that provide help to women and men seeking more information about adoption and other available pregnancy help resources.

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Adoption LifeNotes
Every day, children are adopted by caring families into loving homes. Adoption can sometimes be the best solution to an unplanned pregnancy, but often it is not even considered. Our LifeNotes edition on adoption provides more information and links to resources.

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RLM’s Adoption Policy Statement
In the interest of protecting human life and offering women in crisis pregnancy situations viable alternatives to abortion, Right to Life of Michigan fully supports the option of adoption.

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Adoption Legislation in Michigan
Learn about adoption laws in Michigan that Right to Life of Michigan has helped pass.

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