Directory of Laws on Prolife Issues

Right to Life of Michigan has been the driving force behind many life-saving prolife laws. Click the links for a description of each law, the history, as well as links to read the text of the law itself. Some laws have since been improved or amended.


Rape Survivor Child Custody Act – 2016

Coercive Abortion Prevention Act – 2016

Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act – 2013 (repealed)

Prolife Omnibus Act – 2012 (repealed in part—coercive abortion screening is the only part still in place, but pending repeal in the courts)

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act – 2011 (repealed)

Hispanic Ethnicity Abortion Reporting – 2009 (repealed)

Ultrasound Viewing Option – 2006 (pending repeal in the courts)

Legal Birth Definition Act – 2004 (blocked by courts)

Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act – 2004 (rendered useless by RHA as the prohibition against abortion referral is struck)

Born Alive Infant Protection Act – 2002

Abortion Prepayment Prohibition – 2002

Ban on Wrongful Birth Lawsuits – 2000

Abortion Clinic Regulations – 1999 (repealed)

Infant Protection Act – 1999 (blocked by courts)

Prohibiting Abortion Coverage for State Employees – 1999 (repealed)

Partial-Birth Abortion Prohibition – 1996 (blocked by courts)

Informed Consent for Abortion – 1993 (pending repeal in the courts)

Parental Consent for Abortion Law – 1990

Medicaid Abortion Funding Ban – 1987

Conscience Clause for Abortion – 1978

Abortion Reporting Act – 1978 (repealed)

Public School Abortion Policy – 1976

Guardian Status for Authorizing Abortion – 1974

Abortion Legalization Proposal – 1972 (defeated by voters)

Manslaughter of “Quick” Child – 1931 (repealed)

Abortion Ban – 1846 (repealed)


Safe Delivery Act – 2000

Adoption Tax Credit – 2000 (repealed)

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