Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Checkbox

H.B. 4779 – Rep. Andrew Beeler

Current Status

On May 26, 2021, testimony was heard on H.B. 4779. RLM put in a card of support and Christen Pollo from Protect Life testified in favor of the bill. On May 4, 2021, Rep. Andrew Beeler introduced H.B. 4779. The bill was referred to the House Tax Policy Committee.


H.B. 4779 adds a checkbox to the Michigan 1040 Income Tax Form which allows for a voluntary donation to the Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Fund.


Women between the ages of 18-24 have some of the highest abortion rates in the state. Women are often told that an unplanned pregnancy will end their ability to obtain their college degree. Pressure from the girl’s parents, coaches, teachers, and the father of her child is often immense on women who find themselves pregnant while in college. The pregnant and parenting student services office will be located on campus and available to help these students navigate their schooling and their pregnancy by helping connect them with comprehensive health care, negotiating family housing, rearranging school schedules, etc. The office of pregnant and parenting student services will also help students who are already parents with things like childcare and transportation.


The Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Fund was created in law in 2004 with broad bi-partisan support including from then Rep. Gretchen Whitmer. The fund allows money to be deposited in order to finance grants to colleges and universities for the creation of an office of Pregnant and Parenting Student Services on campus. Unfortunately, no donations have been made to the fund, and the legislature has never appropriated money for such grants. The checkbox will allow individual taxpayers to donate to the fund on their income tax returns like other charitable organizations. The fund is held and directed by the Department of Treasury of Michigan, and the programs created with the grants cannot refer for abortions.