Dignified Death Act

P.A. 594 of 1996
S.B. 1102 of 1996 – Sen. Dale Shugars
M.C.L. 333.5651-5661, M.C.L. 333.16221
Current Status
Effective Date: January 22, 1997

The Michigan Dignified Death Act establishes statutory provisions that define the means for a truly dignified death. Secured by this statute will be the right of patients to refuse burdensome or futile treatment, allowing them a death free of excessive medical treatment. In addition, the bill offers physicians and other healthcare workers legal protection when acting in accord with a patient’s desire to have a dignified death. Patients will be given the additional protection of law against an individual who, through fraud or coercion, attempts to convince a patient to reject legitimate life-prolonging medical care. The bill has been called by some the “Terminally Ill Patient’s Bill of Rights.”