Please join us on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at the Church of the Holy Family in Novi, MI for our Annual Focus on Life Benefit Dinner. We will be featuring special guest speaker Genevieve Marnon, who is the Legislative Director for Right to Life of Michigan. Brad Smith will be the master of ceremonies. Questions? Call Annette Longtine at (248) 860-5748 or e-mail Hosted by Novi Right to Life.


Genevieve Marnon

Genevieve Marnon is the Legislative Director for Right to Life of Michigan. She works with legislators, policy staff and stakeholders to negotiate bills and implement prolife policies in the state. In addition to legislative work, Genevieve is an RLM media spokesperson doing news stories, interviews, debates and speeches. Genevieve began working for Right to Life of Michigan in 2012 and was involved in the successful passage of several prolife laws including clinic licensing, criminalizing coercive abortion and the abortion insurance opt-out. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Oakland University. She has been married to Mark for 34 years, has three grown children and six beautiful grandchildren.

Brad Smith

Brad and Jesi Smith are married and have 5 children. Their youngest daughter Faith was born with Trisomy 18, a genetic anomaly that is labeled as “Incompatible with Life” or a “Fatal Fetal Anomaly” by the medical community. After their experience seeing the eugenics and death culture up close, Brad and Jesi began to speak and share their story. After working in radio for 20 years, Brad was moved to get more directly involved in the battle to defend life and now works for Right to Life of Michigan.