By Emily Kroll, Right to Life of Michigan Events & Outreach Coordinator

2022 Youth Award Winner:

Every spring Right to Life of Michigan hosts its Youth Award to recognize outstanding high school students for their involvement in the prolife movement. This year’s winner is an excellent example of the passion and dedication that the next generation of prolife leaders brings to the table. In turbulent times, it is a comfort to know that the lives of the vulnerable will be in good hands for years to come.

2022 Youth Award Winner: Annelisa Price, Gaylord Right to Life

Annelisa has been at the forefront of local efforts to protect life for the last several years. In 2018 she, with the help of her brothers, started the prolife teen group His Teens of Fairview/Mio in order to create awareness about abortion and support their local pregnancy resource center. Around that same time Annelisa also became involved with the Gaylord Teens for Life where she took part in numerous fundraisers, outreach events, conferences, and trainings. She went on to serve on several committees before becoming the leader of the group’s prolife apologetics team, the chairman of the youth group outreach committee, and the elected Secretary in 2021. Her prolife work did not stop there, she has also volunteered at her local pregnancy center and served as a sidewalk counselor where she encouraged women seeking abortions to explore other options. Annelisa will be attending North Central Michigan College in the fall and will no doubt continue being a voice for life in the years to come.

From Annelisa’s essay:

Generation Z needs to get personal. The Coronavirus epidemic isolated people in unprecedented ways. Many feel alone in their lives and decisions, including mothers with unwanted pregnancies. This generation is losing the ability to connect in meaningful ways, so those who are prolife must strive to reach beyond their comfort zones to have potentially awkward conversations that could save a life. Each person, young and old, needs to do their part in reaching mothers and fathers with sincere love and compelling information. Creating trustworthy relationships at the grassroots level can help save children’s lives.