Of the many things 2020 has emphasized, one is that the country is closely divided culturally, but the culture of media and Big Tech is not.

As the prolife movement plans ahead for 2021 and 2022, sadly, how to address censorship is a part of that planning process. Already there has been talk from Biden supporters of lists of enemies, a “truth and reconciliation commission,” re-education camps, and other pretty out there stuff.

While the “out there” stuff may just be social media bluster, we very much know censorship can happen, because you’ve all seen it yourself this year. While we are not wholly dependent on social media, e-mail, and our website to educate people about prolife issues, what happens if the companies that provide those services decide sharing basic biological truths is “misinformation”? If they’ll do it to the President of the United States, what’s so special about us that they won’t do it us, too?

If that does happen, we aren’t going to run away—we are going to stay and fight!

The next two years will likely feature political gridlock in Michigan and on the national level. Whether or not we can get big things done legislatively in 2021 and 2022, we can double our focus on education and preserve our ability to communicate prolife capital “T” Truth—whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants us to or not, and whether we’re still in a pandemic or not.

From now until the end of this crazy year, we are once again offering an opportunity to double the impact of your tax-deductible donation. All online donations to the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund will be matched until we reach our goal of $75,000.

Will you help us get there early? The more certainty we have going into 2021, the better—not just for us, but for the unborn children that we refuse to allow media elites to simply ignore.