2019 has been a busy year for Right to Life of Michigan. Today, we’re in the middle of a busy week of counting final signature returns on our petitions to end dismemberment abortions in Michigan. Even though the petition drive has been our focus for much of 2019, our prolife educational efforts have continued throughout the year.

Once again, we’re offering the opportunity for people who donate through RTL.org to have their donation matched until we hit our goal of $60,000. Your year-end gifts to the Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund are tax deductible.

As of today, we’ve reached 40 percent of our goal. Will you please donate again this year to ensure we take full advantage of the match?

Your support of our Educational Fund ensures we’re competing with Planned Parenthood on social media, digital ads to abortion-minded women, facts and figures for use in everyday conversations, and major media advertising on TV and radio. That includes keeping this website updated and utilized every day of the year.

Your support provides a voice for the voiceless and helps save lives.

Please donate today!

For Life,

Barbara Listing
President, Right to Life of Michigan