Lansing, MI — Today the Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted unanimously to allow another sample to be drawn for the Michigan Values Life petition drive.

The new sample will be a larger sample based on standard Bureau of Elections procedures. One point of concern for two of the Board members involved thousands of additional signatures thrown out for “damage” by the Bureau of Elections, despite text on many of those petitions being totally legible.

The following statement can be attributed to Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing:

“We are happy the Board of Canvassers saw reason today, and will allow another sample to be drawn. We look forward to continuing the process of this petition drive and to eventually stop the barbaric practice of dismembering children in the womb.

We know Planned Parenthood will do everything possible to challenge the petition drive again and disenfranchise the people who signed it, and we will once again defend the voice of the people who signed these petitions.”

For more information: Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Genevieve Marnon, (989) 277-7933,