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2016 Stories

Choosing Life Even When it’s Hard
Twenty-two years old and pregnant with her second child, Jamie made a difficult and self-sacrificial decision to place her child for adoption. Even though she had no idea how she would care for her baby, she knew this baby deserved life. Desiring a better future for her child, she faced grief, loss, and joy so her baby could have the best life possible.

2015 Stories

RLM affiliate president shares collection of life stories from a medical perspective
Dr. Augustine Perrotta has served for many years as the president of Birmingham-Bloomfield Right to Life in the metro Detroit area. Dr. Perrotta’s journey as a prolife leader almost never began, however.

Cancer patient refuses to trade someone else's life for her own
On Easter Sunday, 2013, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and I was transferred to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital immediately. One day, a well-meaning visitor tried to comfort me by sharing that advances were being made in human embryonic stem cell research and possible treatments for leukemia might be a result. I shuddered at the casual contemplation of trading the life of one individual in order to save another.

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2014 Stories

A friendly face at the county fair
"I just found out I am pregnant." A girl who looked about 16 had come up to the booth, hoping to purchase a prolife bracelet. Her mother, with a pained expression, shook her head as the girl discreetly whispered her news to the volunteer behind the table. The girl’s father simply turned and walked away.

Adoptee experiences the other end of adoption with her son
For Amanda Thomas, adoption is simultaneously normal and exceptional. Herself an adoptee, Amanda and her husband Matthew recently welcomed their son Henry through the loving option of adoption. Just like her adoptive parents, she has an older child through birth and a younger child through adoption. While challenges are often the face of adoption seen by many, Amanda wants people to know the joy that adoption can bring.

Sheriff’s prolife heart makes the difference in an inmate’s “life story”
So many in an unplanned pregnancy feel they are alone and have no other choice but abortion. With compassion and support, however, women feel they can choose life for their unborn child—even in difficult circumstances. Sheriff Kim Cole can attest to that after facing a unique decision about one inmate's choice for her son.

Knights of Columbus help provide window to the womb
For prolife pregnancy centers that reach out to women and men facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, an up-to-date ultrasound machine is an amazing tool for helping people see the humanity of the unborn child. In a quest to help the life-saving work of prolife pregnancy centers, the Knights of Columbus has quietly helped raise funds for purchasing hundreds of new ultrasound machines, including many in Michigan.

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2013 Stories

The appearance of medical care is not enough
"Slow code" for many is a term in abstract debates on medical ethics, but for Brad and Jesi Smith, it became a well-defined fixture in their lives and the life of their daughter Faith, who has the disease Trisomy 18. The Smiths believed doctors always looked out for the best interests of their patients, but they were wrong.

Making the wise, responsible, and loving choice
Adeline Raymond defied the odds. She was given a one-in-ten chance of surviving her birth, not by her doctors, but by statistics. If it were up to some of her doctors, Adeline wouldn't have made it. Her parents Andy and Ida said they were told by doctors to abort her. Adeline's misfortune was being diagnosed in the womb with multiple birth defects.

Promoting adoption at the edge of the abyss
Some people prefer to wake-up early, some at the last minute. Some like coffee to start their day, others prefer orange juice. For one day every week, Mike Frison inhabits a different world, often alone, in a routine where sleep schedules and caffeine levels seem small issues in comparison to the life and death decisions he witnesses. He said his routine is like standing at the edge of an abyss. The abyss is abortion, and Mike strives to convince women not to fall into it.

Using art to advance the culture of life
For aspiring elementary school art teacher Jennifer Evans, the meeting with her teacher for her final class project was not going well. With two weeks to go before the project deadline, her teacher was threatening to censor her work. Jennifer thought the decision to include a prolife message in her work might not go over well with her art teacher, but the Thornapple Kellogg High School senior was undeterred.

The 'Life After 40' twins
Life After 40, our educational campaign showcasing the growth and development of unborn babies, came to a close on January 22, the 40th memorial of Roe v. Wade. For 40 weeks, a fact about life before birth was shared every week on the Right to Life of Michigan website, blog and social networking profiles. For one family in Fowler, Michigan, Life After 40 took on special meaning.

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2012 Stories

How pregnancy can change your outlook on life

A woman who considered herself strongly pro-choice and believed in a "war on women" had her entire worldview challenged when she first heard the heartbeat of her unplanned daughter in the womb. Now she can't imagine a world without her daughter in it or how people can vote for candidates who would call her daughter a punishment.

Being prolife in two places at once

If you turn your radio dial to WLQV-AM in metro Detroit, you are likely to hear Pastor Christopher Brooks hosting his shows Equipped for Life or Christ and the City. Throughout Black History Month in February, Right to Life of Michigan hosted a Life Speaker’s Series and was counting on strong prolife voices from WLQV-AM like Pastor Chris to kick it off with a live radio broadcast. When it came time on February 1 to host his show, however, Pastor Chris had somewhere better to be.

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2011 Stories

Abortion business relocation mobilizes community

One summer day in 2010, Shannon Wygant received a shock. His wife told him that the abortion clinic in Waterford where he traveled to for peaceful prayer, had suddenly moved to his own town of Clarkston. Shannon and his community rallied together to deliver a surprise of their own by renting office space on the floor below the abortion clinic to open a prolife pregnancy resource center.

Mother chooses hope after troubling prenatal diagnosis

Pregnancy was a natural and normal part of life for Bernadette and her husband Phil. After having seven children, the Grandville couple thought their family was complete, but the couple received a surprise when they found out they were expecting their eighth child, Hannah. During the first ultrasound, the routine of another otherwise uneventful pregnancy was replaced with anxiety after the surprised sonographer left the room to consult with a doctor.

Pregnancy cements prolife position
Being prolife was easy for Danielle Bradley. Both her mother and her father, the pastor of their church, are vocally and actively prolife. She had always told anyone considering abortion that it was the wrong choice to make. Everything changed when Danielle found out she was pregnant and was given the opportunity to live up to that advice.

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2010 Stories

Mr. Ludwick hopes to go to Washington

Jason Ludwick knew his heart was getting worse. He had lived with heart problems all of his life, but five years ago his condition took on a whole new reality in one shocking moment. It was hard for his family to watch him continue to deteriorate while waiting for a heart transplant, but luckily for Jason his mother found an overseas company willing to try an adult stem cell treatment.

A call for help
A student who graduated from Western Michigan University, was married and became pregnant all in three months found herself very overwhelmed. She called the Planned Parenthood clinic in Kalamazoo looking for help on preparing to become a parent, only to be told "we don't do that here."

Jackson Students for Life is making a difference

Almost 30 students have joined the Jackson Students for Life (SFL) organization to support the prolife movement. These students and their advisers are doing whatever they can to educate and be advocates for life, from conception until natural death.

Not your every-day prolife group
How do we persuade women not to have an abortion? Mother Theresa answered: "As always, we must persuade her with love, and we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts." Those are inspiring words for any prolife volunteer. Two volunteers, Mary Tombelli and Michaela Stiles, drew inspiration from that quote while founding their prolife organization.

Prolife rally inspires, motivates teens

Just shy of 200 high school students representing six Right to Life of Michigan affiliates gathered in Caro, Michigan, for a prolife youth rally on April 14. Bryan Kemper, creator of Rock for Life and president of Stand True Ministries, was the featured speaker.

A tale of two twins

For adopted twins Meredith and Mason Bonnema, fall of 2008 represents life and a future for both. Their adoptive parents were finalizing plans to welcome them to their new family. Meredith and Mason were too small to remember that fall, because they were both smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Erasing doubt, saving a life

Having butterflies in your stomach is a familiar sensation before exceptional situations. Sidewalk counselors, the prolife volunteers who stand in front of abortion clinics encouraging mothers to save their children, could tell you something about exceptional situations. University of Michigan junior Sarah Osentoski discovered just how exceptional sidewalk counseling can be.

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2009 Stories

Dealing with the unexpected

John and Eileen Anding received quite a shock when their daughter Morgan was born in 1988. Despite all tests showing her to be a healthy baby, Morgan was born with an omphalocele, a congenital birth defect.

John's List

John R. Bowker is passionate about helping children. He has worked in many areas to improve the lives of children. His commitment to helping kids goes beyond just that, though; John has talked the talk and walked the walk.

Saving lives, one baby bottle at a time

When the Center for Women Pregnancy Counseling Services in Jackson realized they needed a new ultrasound machine, they knew that it would be an expensive yet vital investment in their work.

Rabbi's ride for life

Over the last eight years, Rabbi Glenn Harris has combined two of his passions, bikes and babies, to help raise approximately $35,000 for a local pregnancy care center.

Defying the odds in life

"Every child a wanted child," so the Planned Parenthood slogan goes. Laura Tedder knows something about that. Laura survived several abortion attempts before her birth in 1948 and was placed for adoption.

The Reunion Day

Jackie Drenth-Nachazel had hoped that someday her daughter would find her way back to her. She placed her daughter for adoption 35 years ago, on the advice of her parents. Last September, after a long process Jackie finally meet her daughter.

Getting the most out of your volunteer hours

Pat Vendal, President of Muskegon Right to Life, has discovered a way to use the time she volunteers promoting the prolife cause to financially help the prolife organizations she loves. Pat does this by participating in her employer’s volunteer incentive program and matching gift program.

Students for Life to the rescue

Pregnancy resource centers are places for pregnant women to seek help. They offer a wide range of support services for women in their hours of need, but they often depend heavily on the generosity of volunteers to help them provide those services. When Jackson Right to Life found out two of their local centers were in dire need of diapers, they decided they needed to help. It was their students for life group though that got the show on the road; three vans, to be precise.

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2008 Stories

Saved by her brother

Cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles are all blood relatives. Usually this is a metaphor about the strong bonds holding families together. For six-year-old Colleen, however, this is a fact that might have made the difference between life and death.

Safe and ethical stem cell source

Many people are nervous about giving blood. The thought of anything related to a needle is enough to make their hair stand on end. There is one way, however, to give a potentially life saving blood gift without suffering any anxiety.

Cures without killing

In September 1997, Carolyn Curtis' life was turned upside down. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors were giving her a fifty-fifty chance to live.

A voice for the voiceless

Smiling and actively enjoying a TV show on Nickelodeon, five-year-old Maiya Novitsky has overcome many obstacles in her short life to be able to enjoy weekday afternoon cartoons at home.

Finding strength to support yourself

Cold-hearted. Negative. No hope offered. This is how Tarra Parks would describe her experience with medical professionals during the toughest moments of her daughter's struggle.

Life, love with Luke

Luke Pardue looks like your typical mischievous toddler. “He's hysterical,” his mother, Martina Pardue, said. “He likes to play his dad; Luke knows what he can get away with. He loves to eat, he just learned to crawl and likes to explore things.” If you ask his mother, he gets into too many places sometimes. Luke, however, isn't completely typical for two reasons.

Support can make all the difference

Carrie Mason faced what many parents dread when her unborn daughter Hannah was diagnosed with anencephaly. Hannah was only expected to live a short time after birth, if she made it that far at all.

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