Real Life Stories

These stories feature individuals who have been directly impacted by prolife issues. Some have done something significant to save lives, or they have experienced prolife issues in a very personal way.

2019 Stories

Choose Life When Life is Not an Option (disability/crisis pregnancy)

Valuable Life in Every Circumstance (disability)

2018 Stories

Luke Pardue, Worthy of Life (disability)

2017 Stories

Silas’ Story (disability/crisis pregnancy)

Our Unplanned Family (adoption)

Successful RU-486 Reversal Shows the Power of Prolife Community (prolife outreach/abortion survivor)

Life and Death Decisions Behind Closed Doors (euthanasia)

2010 Stories

Mr. Ludwick Hopes to Go to Washington (stem cell research)

A Call for Help (crisis pregnancy)

Jackson Students for Life is Making a Difference (prolife outreach)

Not Your Every-Day Prolife Group (prolife outreach)

Prolife Rally Inspires, Motivates Teens (prolife outreach)

A Tale of Two Twins (stem cell research)

Erasing Doubt, Saving a Life (prolife outreach)

2009 Stories

Dealing With the Unexpected (disability)

John’s List (adoption)

Saving Lives, One Baby Bottle at a Time (prolife outreach)

Rabbi’s Ride for Life (prolife outreach)

Defying the Odds in Life (disability/abortion survivor)

The Reunion Day (adoption)

Getting the Most Out of Your Volunteer Hours (prolife outreach)

Students for Life to the Rescue (prolife outreach)

2008 Stories

Saved by Her Brother (stem cell research)

Safe and Ethical Stem Cell Source (stem cell research)

Cures Without Killing (stem cell research)

A Voice for the Voiceless (disability/stem cell research)

Finding Strength to Support Yourself (disability/crisis pregnancy)

Life, Love with Luke (disability/crisis pregnancy)

Support Can Make All the Difference (disability/crisis pregnancy)