Bullies are everywhere! They're on the playground. They're on the Internet. They're in the media. They are lurking outside the womb.

Abortion bullies can be categorized as "pretenders" and "offenders."

The Pretenders

There is a mass collusion underway in the United States today. It involves dozens of well-funded pro-abortion organizations, federal agencies, members of the medical community, academia and elected officials from both parties.

The mainstream media provides the cover.

But these folks are not really "pro-choice." They are really "pro-abortion." When they talk about a woman's health, reproductive rights, or freedom to choose, they're just pretending. Their ultimate goal is to convince women to have an abortion. They will bully if necessary!

They will do everything within their power to deny true choice.

Take Planned Parenthood for example. First of all, they pretend to be a "non-profit" organization demanding all the privileges that go with that legal title. But according to their latest annual report, they made a profit of over $87 million dollars last year alone!

Planned Parenthood also pretends to be "pro-choice." By their own admission, they performed approximately 145 abortions for every single adoption referral! The fact is, they performed 333,964 abortions in just one year, making them the leading abortion provider in the nation.

Planned Parenthood is not pro-choice! Planned Parenthood is an abortion profiteer! They have absolutely no interest whatsoever in "choice." And just think, you and I as taxpayers just handed them $542 million dollars as they continue their deadly charade from coast to coast.

When a pregnant woman in crisis walks into a Planned Parenthood clinic, that's when the pretending ends and the bullying begins.

Let's talk about Julie Burkhart for a moment. Burkhart is an independent abortion entrepreneur who hopes to reopen George Tiller's infamous late-term abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas.

In an interview, Burkhart said with a straight face that "abortion is about motherhood . . . " She continued, "in truth these are well-thought-out decisions women are making." Really? So does that mean when a customer walks into Burkhart's abortion clinic she will be counseled to consider life for her unborn child? Will Burkhart really be willing to turn away a paying customer?
Not a chance!

The evidence is crystal clear, born out over 40 years of legalization—these people are nothing more than bullies in disguise. The singular goal of the abortion industry is to take advantage of a vulnerable woman in crisis in order to turn a handsome profit.

If Burkhart and her colleagues were really "pro-choice," they would demand that a woman have all the information possible before she makes one of the biggest decisions of her life.

But in their unrelenting push for abortion, they interpret "information" as "intimidation." Here's what the former president of the National Abortion Rights Action League had to say, ". . . (They) have one purpose in mind—to intimidate women out of choosing abortion . . . "

If you look closely, you can see the true colors of a pretender!

The Offenders

Although not the only reason for abortion, there is overwhelming evidence which indicates that men are the driving force behind the reasons a majority of abortions performed.

Unfortunately, the abortion mentality in America today has created a convenient escape route so that men can avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.

Sometimes it's simple abandonment. She says, "I'm pregnant." He says, "I'm gone!" Then, poof, he disappears. He totally abandons the woman and his child.

It has been estimated that approximately half of the 1.1 million women who went to an abortion clinic last year were either alone or accompanied by someone other than the father of their baby.

But the true "offender" stays on the case. He will do whatever it takes to convince a woman to abort her child. He will apply pressure, intimidate, or even resort to brute force.

To illustrate how serious this issue is, it may surprise you to learn that the number-one cause of death among pregnant women is murder!

Even if a woman in crisis survives the abuse of her boyfriend or husband, the nightmare is not yet over. She still has to face "the offenders" who are only interested in the money to be made.

Seconds away from her abortion, a Colorado woman had a change of heart. In court documents, it was revealed that the attending abortionist refused to comply with her pleas to stop!

Instead of respecting her "choice," the abortionist turned on the vacuum machine claiming it was too late. She was forced to endure the procedure, without any pain medication, against her will.

Later she was rushed to an emergency room. Bleeding profusely, it was discovered that the abortionist had left dismembered body parts in her uterus. Her E.R. physician was so outraged that he submitted professional testimony on her behalf in the lawsuit.

In legal terms, bullying is defined as "coercion." Briefly, here are some of our ongoing efforts to address coercion in the abortion decision-making process:

  1. At the end of 2012, we passed House Bill 5711, which among other things requires that women considering an abortion be screened for coercion. This new law took effect at the end of March. Now we need to ensure that it has a meaningful impact on the street.

  2. Please visit our web page helping women file an "Abortion Clinic Complaint." You will see one example of our efforts to safeguard women from the coercive practices of the abortion industry.

  3. Through our network of local affiliates, in their close working relationship with crisis pregnancy centers in their community, we are extending the long, loving arms of the prolife movement to those in crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The bottom line is: We cannot allow the pretenders and the offenders to coerce a woman into having an abortion.

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