24 boxes delivered

After nearly four years of bitter debate, Obamacare is still headline news across America. But we are making headlines of our own!

Despite all the promises that have been made, it was clear from the beginning that Obamacare would include abortion-on-demand as a basic benefit in future health care plans.

To get Obamacare passed, a provision was added that would allow individual states to opt out of the mandatory abortion provisions. To date, 23 states have done just that. Simply put, these states have determined that if you want abortion insurance coverage, and if you want it paid for with your health care dollars, you would have to purchase a separate rider to pay for that abortion.

In other words, if you want an abortion, you pay for it!

In 2012, we attempted to opt out with prolife legislation, however, Governor Rick Snyder unexpectedly vetoed the "ABORTION INSURANCE OPT-OUT ACT."

Thankfully, the Michigan Constitution allows concerned citizens, like you and me, to initiate legislation through signature petition. The State required us to collect a minimum of 258,088 valid signatures of registered voters in order to initiate the legislation.

All summer long, dedicated volunteers hit the streets. People were signing the petition at their churches, at county fairs, at family reunions and at athletic events. We even heard of a bride circulating petitions at her wedding reception!

On Friday afternoon, October 4, 2013, 24 boxes were delivered to the Election Division of the Secretary of State's office.

These are no ordinary boxes! They contain the signatures of 315,477 registered voters in Michigan who desperately want to avoid paying for abortion-on-demand with their tax dollars and insurance premiums.

This was done without paying individuals or groups to gather signatures with two months to spare, an almost unheard of feat.

The first phase in opting Michigan out of the abortion provisions found in Obamacare is now complete! It is hoped that the entire process can be wrapped up, right on schedule, by mid-December.

After the Board of Canvassers validates the signatures, the Legislature will have 40 calendar days to respond. With a simple majority vote in both the Michigan House and Senate, the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act becomes law without the governor's signature.

So far so good! But the emergency is not over yet.

Your immediate financial support is vital to complete this process. If it fails, Michigan citizens will be forced to pay for abortion-on-demand!

Phase 1 - Signatures; Phase 2 - Validation; Phase 3 - Lobby; Phase 4 - Passage; Phase 5 - Celebration.

Please send your most generous gift possible as we prepare for Phase 3—lobby! Make no mistake about it, our opposition, led by Planned Parenthood, will fight us tooth and nail in the State Capitol!

Please remember this: Abortion is no longer out of sight, out of mind. Abortion has now become a very personal issue. They want you to pick up the bill!

With your generous support, the message that Abortion is not health care, and we're not going to pay for it will resound from the rooftops. Your voice will be heard.

Thank you so much for your support thus far. Please make sure you are signed up to receive our email notifications alerting you to the progress of each phase of this process.

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