Pulling back the curtain

Do you remember when Toto pulled the curtain back to expose the Wizard of Oz? We’re going to continue to expose those who “push and pull” the levers in order to cover up the grizzly reality of abortion-on-demand. Because of a lack of legal constraints, abuses within abortion clinic walls are rampant and widespread. Across the nation there are abortion clinics that are filthy, over-crowded, inadequately lit, staffed with untrained personnel, and operating without backup emergency equipment.

The complications that can arise as a result of such incompetence include bladder injuries, profuse bleeding, bowel injuries, cardiac arrest, a variety of cervical injuries, colonostomy, coma, embolism, fallopian tube damage, fever, gangrene, hysterectomy, infection, a variety of intestinal injuries, kidney damage, liver damage, ovary damage, paralysis, shock, sterility, uterine injuries, vaginal injuries...

And, of course, death!

Yet behind the curtain you will find politicians, governmental agencies, the mainstream media, and a wide variety of pro-abortion organizations all pushing and pulling the levers to protect these killers-for-hire.

The Sundance Film Festival opened in Utah on January 17. Among festival entries was a film called “After Tiller.” The two filmmakers wanted to pay tribute to late-term abortionist George Tiller who was shot and killed in 2009. Just for the record, at the time of his death, George Tiller was facing disciplinary action by the Kansas State Board for Healing Arts on 11 violations which could have resulted in the revocation of his medical license. Nevertheless, this “documentary” honors George Tiller by celebrating the careers of four “amazing” abortionists who also specialize in third-trimester abortions.

One of the filmmakers was quoted as saying that these men and women “provide amazing care by any standard. This should be a model for all medical care in this country.” The critics loved the film. The audience even stood to their feet twice in standing ovation.

Here’s the irony: Shelley Sella, one of the four late-term abortionists featured in the film, almost killed a young woman in her New Mexico clinic. Sella was charged with “gross negligence” as a result. In the end, her patient barely escaped with her life, but she will have to live with severe injuries that have ended her hopes of ever bearing another child. The very day that Sella was cleared of all charges of gross negligence by a politically-motivated medical board, yet another ambulance was seen pulling away from the doors of her clinic!

Then just 11 days after Sundance concluded, a second late-term abortionist, LeRoy Carhart, also featured in the film, was in the national news. A 29-year-old woman died at his hands—the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks of gestation. The patient, a married substitute teacher from New York, suffered massive internal bleeding. When she was finally rushed to a local hospital, she slipped into a code blue condition approximately six times before losing her life! The matter is now under investigation by the State Medical Examiner, the Monterey, Maryland Police Department and the state office of Health Care Quality.

But this isn’t the first time that Leroy Carhart has killed a patient. In 2005, a 19-year-old woman also died from the risky late-term abortion procedure routinely used by Carhart and his “amazing” colleagues. According to that autopsy report, by the time Carhart was done with his patient, she was bleeding from the mouth, eyes, vagina, and every other orifice in her body! This is without a doubt the most horrendous account of a botched abortion that I have ever read! And this is a model for “all medical care in this country”?

To make matters worse, the clinic where Carhart works is already under criminal investigation by the Maryland Attorney General’s office. This documentary “After Tiller” is a classic example of people pushing and pulling levers to cover up not only what happens to the child but to the child’s mother.

Then there’s the case of Kermit B. Gosnell of Pennsylvania. Gosnell is a veteran in the abortion industry. He and his wife, Pearl Gosnell, along with their staff have been destroying babies as they prepare to be born, at the same address, virtually unabated, for more than 30 years.

Gosnell’s abortion dynasty began to crumble on January 19, 2011, when a criminal grand jury released a 261-page indictment against him. According to the grand jury “. . . He (Gosnell) regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in the third trimester of pregnancy—and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.”

Gosnell affectionately referred to this unspeakable atrocity as “snipping.”

Early in the investigation, the FBI and an assortment of local law enforcement agencies raided Gosnell’s abortion business. That night, parts and pieces of unborn children were discovered throughout the clinic haphazardly stored in bags, milk jugs, orange juice cartons and even in empty cat food containers. Some aborted remains were found in the refrigerator right alongside employee lunches.

“There was blood on the floor. A stench of urine filled the air. A flea-infested cat was wandering through the facility and there were cat feces on the stairs. Semi-conscious women scheduled for abortions were moaning in the waiting room or the recovery room, where they sat on dirty recliners covered with blood-stained blankets.”

A fully-intact baby boy estimated at 28 weeks gestational age was found frozen in a one-gallon water bottle. In the basement investigators found jars containing just the severed feet of children. They were lined up neatly in a row—like trophies on a shelf. All in all, investigators found the remains of an estimated 45 aborted children, some dating back 30 years!

Conditions were so barbaric that when law enforcement officials returned to collect additional evidence they came equipped with bio-hazard suits including breathing apparatus!

Gosnell first opened his abortion business in 1979. There were only five inspections since the grand opening; the last one took place over 17 years ago! State officials, state attorneys, state inspectors, state bureaucrats, local health officials, local emergency room personnel, pro-abortion activists and even the governor of Pennsylvania all pushed and pulled levers. Even the janitor, who routinely removed dead children from a clogged toilet, looked the other way.

Fortunately for unborn babies and women in crisis, Gosnell’s clinic has long since closed. He and his murderous crew face 39 criminal counts, including third degree murder in connection with the death of a 41-year-old patient. Gosnell goes on trial in March!

You can view a brand new 21-minute film called “3801 Lancaster.” The title references the address of Gosnell’s former abortion business in west Philadelphia. Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” is what happens when people push and pull levers to cover up these horrendous crimes against humanity. We could go on and on!

Our message to the abortion industry is very simple: Abortion is legal (for now), but we will insist that you treat your patients with dignity and respect. You will be required by law to comply with commonsense safety and medical standards. If you don’t, we will use the full force of the law to put you in jail or to force you out of business—or both!

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing! According to one prolife source, over the past 22 years an estimated 1,500 abortion clinics have closed. In 2012 alone, an average of 7 abortion clinics closed every single month!

Our success here in Michigan has been nothing short of sensational. Back in the late 80’s, there were approximately 72 free-standing abortion clinics operating in our state. Today, there are 31 remaining! Five Michigan abortion businesses have closed in the last 15 months alone.

We also just learned that two of the most dangerous and vile abortionists in Michigan have allowed their medical licenses to expire. One of the two, Alberto Hodari, the worst offender in Michigan history, used to own and operate 14 abortion clinics in southeastern Michigan. He’s now out of the business and out of the original 14 clinics only 4 are left!

As we move full speed ahead, here’s the task at hand:

• Continue to pull the curtain back. Continue to tell the truth—even if it is excruciatingly painful.

• Continue to pass and enforce legislation that holds abortionists and abortion business owners accountable for their actions.

• Continue to offer women in crisis concrete and immediate support in a crisis pregnancy. We must do everything possible to keep these precious souls from falling into the hands of these butchers.

• We also want to continue to offer abortionists an alternative to their grizzly trade— golf! Why not retire and hit the links! Get out while the gettin’ is good! These abortionists may not have seen the light, but they are certainly going to feel the heat of new regulations and legislation.

Please give us your most generous gift possible right away. With your immediate support, we’ll continue to move these abortionists from the front line to the back nine!

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