Prolife Fact Sheets and Handouts

Right to Life of Michigan has many factsheets and handouts covering a wide range of topics available for your educational efforts. These factsheets are free for download and copying. The list below includes every handout available throughout the separate issue pages of our website. If you would like more information about these topics, click the section titles.


Current Events

These handouts are new or particularly relevant to issues in the public spotlight:

Senator Debbie Stabenow's Pro-Abortion Record - This flyer gives in-depth details on Senator Debbie Stabenow's record on abortion, as well as end-of-life issues, bio-ethical issues and conscience rights.

Where the MI Governor Candidates Stand on Life - This flyer details the views on several prolife issues of 2018 Michigan gubernatorial candidates Bill Schuette and Gretchen Whitmer.

Where the U.S. Senate Candidates Stand on Life - This flyer details the views on several prolife issues of 2018 U.S. Senate candidates John James and Debbie Stabenow.

Where the Michigan Attorney General Candidates Stand on Life - This flyer details the views on several prolife issues of 2018 Michigan arrotnry general candidates Tom Leonard and Dana Nessel.

Petition to End Dismemberment Abortions - This petition allows you to educate others about dismemberment abortions and collect names to encourage the Michigan Senate and House to pass legislation to end this common and brutal form of abortion.

Dismemberment Abortion - This handout explains a common and brutal form of abortion. Dismemberment abortion is the barbaric killing of a human being. It has been described by the U.S. Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart as a procedure that is “laden with the power to devalue human life.”



A Risk to Avoid - Our LifeNotes overview of studies which link abortion to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Abortion Death Comparison - This flyer compares the number of abortions in Michigan with a few other common causes of death.

Abortion Leaves Families Heartbroken - Our two-sided flyer addresses the often overlooked issue of how abortion impacts not just the unborn child and the woman, but the family of those involved in abortions.

Abortions Since Roe v. Wade
- A flyer to help make sense of the statistics and trends of abortion in the United States.

Black Abortions By the Numbers - A brochure which provides statistics for Black abortions in the United States and in Michigan.

Courting Disaster
- Our LifeNotes explanation of Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and other court cases that involve abortion.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment
- Our LifeNotes describing the various abortion procedures used on unborn children.

Destroying our Future - This flyer looks at the economic impact abortion has had on America.

Do You Know Doe? - This resource discusses the poorly known Supreme Court decision Doe v. Bolton, and how it affects its companion case Roe v. Wade.

Fast Facts
- List of facts and statistics about abortion.

Girl Scouts and Abortion - A flyer which discusses the connections between the Girl Scouts of the United States of America and abortion.

Hispanic Abortions - A bilingual factsheet which provides statistics for Hispanic abortions in the United States.

Life is Precious in Every Circumstances
- Our LifeNotes discussion of abortion in the cases of rape and incest.

Margaret Sanger - Our LifeNotes examing the life of Margaret Sanger, her views on eugenics, her association with well-known racists, and the influence it has on Planned Parenthood today.

Michigan Abortion Statistics - This flyer provides a basic overview of the most current annual abortion statistics in Michigan.

Pinks Ribbons Connect Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood - A flyer which discusses the connections between Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. For a Spanish version, click here.

Popping Pills, Ending Lives - Our LifeNotes issue about the abortion drug RU-486.

Post-Abortion Syndrome - This brochures provides research and resources for the mental and emotional health effects of abortion.

Providing and Promoting Abortion - A flyer providing an overview of Planned Parenthood, how they provide and promote abortion and their financial gain from it. For a Spanish version, click here.

Targeted Abortions - This flyer looks at instances where abortion is used to discriminate against children in the womb, specifically abortions on disabled children and sex-selection abortions.

Vaccines, Abortion and Fetal Tissue
- Our LifeNotes edition on connection between aborted fetal tissue and most vaccines. That connection and its complicated implications are considered.

War Casualties
- A visual comparison of the number of lives lost in combat to the number of lives lost to abortion.




Adoption LifeNotes - In a nation where more than a million children are aborted annually, adoption is an option that is often overlooked by women who are facing a crisis pregnancy. Our LifeNotes overview of adoption that includes information on Michigan adoption law.



End of Life Issues

Doctor-Prescribed Suicide - This brochure examines in-depth the laws and proposed laws that allow people to commit suicide through a lethal prescription of drugs.

End of Life Care: Advanced Directives - This brochure looks in-detail at various advanced directives and which are best for protecting patients' rights and wishes.

End of Life Care: Positive Care or Euthanasia Pitfall? - This brochure discusses three important aspects frequently involving end of life care: hospice, pain management, and medically-assisted feeding of food and water.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Booklet - A durable power of attorney for health care is a legal mechanism which allows you to appoint a person to make health care decisions for you should you become unable to do so. This booklet provides information and a power of attorney form to help ensure your rights and wishes are respected.



Fetal Development

A History of You - A flyer featuring basic facts about fetal development through the nine months of pregnancy. This flyer has both Spanish and English versions. For a Spanish version, click here.



Stem Cell Research

Cloning: No Longer Science Fiction - Our LifeNotes edition on the issue of human cloning.

The Great Stem Cell Debate - Provides basic information about the issue of stem cell research and the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.

Sacrificed Without Consent - Our LifeNotes overview of the issue of stem cell research.



Speaking Out About Life

Being Prolife: How the Church Can Help - This flyer is designed as a bulletin insert that provides a basic overview of the prolife movement and our key issues of abortion and euthanasia.

Election Activity: What Churches Can and Can't Do - This brochure gives pastors and churches general guidance on what activities they can and can't engage in. IRS guidelines prohibit direct contributions to a political candidate, as well as in-kind contributions, but pastors and churches have the ability to express views on issues and educate people about candidates.

It's Easy to Be Prolife - A flyer that looks at some common arguments in favor of abortion and prolife responses to them. For a Spanish version, click here.

Preaching the Prolife Message - This brochure explains why it is important to discuss life issues in faith settings, and gives some tips on preparing sermons on abortion and other prolife issues.

Prolife Picketing - A flyer that provides information, guidelines and suggestions for holding peaceful and legal prolife picketing events.

Prolife Scripture References - Right to Life of Michigan has compiled verses which reference God the creator of life, life beginning at conception, how the unborn are members of the human family, God forbids the taking of human life, the preciousness of life, and how God calls people to action.

What Churches Can Do - This new flyer lists ways that churches can become involved in the prolife movement. There are simple things that churches can do to be advocates for life, including having copies of prolife publications, adding prolife books to your library, or organizing a diaper drive for a local pregnancy center.


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