Spring 2009

An extraordinary commitment to helping children

John R. Bowker is passionate about helping children. He has worked in many areas to improve the lives of children, including being the driving force behind 2007 being proclaimed as the "Year of the Child" in Michigan.

However, his commitment to helping children goes beyond even that. MORE

House to vote on Adoption Equity Act

Reported out of the Committee on Families and Children’s Services on April 1, HB 4470, the Adoption Equity Act, requires employers who provide leave with pay for an employee after the birth of a child to also provide the same benefit for an employee who adopts a child from birth up to 12 months of age. The Michigan State House is expected to vote on the Act soon after returning from break on April 21. MORE

$7.3 million for foster care and adoption in MI

$7.3 million for foster care and adoption assistance programs was released through the federal economic stimulus bill. About $5.4 million for adoption assistance programs in the state and about $1.9 million for foster care programs. MORE


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