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December 16, 2008

Michigan adopted teen writes poetry to inspire others to be prolife

"Because I can't take care of you my baby, I will let someone else love you, and I will hope that someday just maybe we'll meet again and share love too," writes Carley Cook, a high school junior who was adopted when she was an infant. Carley says she is so very lucky because she was adopted into a loving family and because her birth mom chose to give her life.

"I want everyone to know that the Right to Life is the most important right we are granted as humans, and we must protect that right with all we have," Carley said. That is the reason she writes her poems (see Carley's poems below).

Carley was born in 1992 in Toledo, Ohio, and adopted a few months later. Carley says, "In that time, I stayed at a foster home with an amazing couple that cared for me until the papers were completed."  She currently lives in Southeast Michigan with her mom, dad, brother and sister.  

"They truly are the kind of parents that love no matter what and always support my siblings and me. Since they couldn't have kids, they decided to adopt.  My brother and sister are bi-racial and are younger than me, and also adopted.  My family is so much fun because we all are pretty much polar opposites. My brother likes bowling, basketball and guitar. My sister likes just about everything from dance and music to sports.  I'm really quiet and love politics (kind of an oxymoron), law, forensics, and writing.  Everyone in my extended family and all of my parents' friends accepted me and my siblings even though we aren't blood related which is really cool and it's what love should be.  It's amazing that there are so many people that are so willing to accept someone no matter where they are from."

Carley began writing stories in the 5th grade and poems in the 8th grade. A creative writing class at school this year has increased the amount of writing she has completed.  She has written 28 poems and 3 songs on varied topics.  "My poems have a lot to do with life and my adoption story with some written to my birth mom whom I haven't met yet," said Carley.  "I want people to read my poems and know that what I write comes from my heart.  Since I'm a pretty quiet person, my poems are my way to share my feelings and my opinions. It's also nice because sometimes it's hard to tell my story to other people and when I hand them my poems, it explains everything to them."

Carley explains that she began writing about her adoption and birth family because she has a lot of questions.  "I started writing a lot about this when I found out about my birth mom and a little bit of her life.  I was her third child.  The first ended in an abortion, the second was a little boy that she kept, and I was the third.  In the little information I have, it says that she gave me life because she knew what came out of an abortion and a pregnancy and she wanted to give her baby life. I know that what she did was so very selfless and was done out of total love.  If anything, I want to meet her to say thank you!"

Love at First Sight

If there's a bond between you and someone,
many consider it true love.
The bond of moms and babies is always one
and is genuine like a dove.

Separated at birth my mom and I,
it was a choice of hers you see
but when she saw me, she just cried and cried
especially when they made me leave.

"Because I can't take care of you my baby,
I will let someone else love you,
and I will hope that someday just maybe
we'll meet again and share love too."

I must have felt the teardrops from her eye.
I'm sure she said, "I love you!" too.
I have a small keepsake I won't let die,
strawberry mark I won't eschew.

After I was born and she held me tight,
my perfect mommy cuddled me
her gleaming face was incredibly bright
like the star on a Christmas tree.

"Because I can't take care of you my baby,
I will let someone else love you,
and I will hope that someday just maybe
we'll meet again and share love too."

A new, different daddy was next to come
he was taller then I would ever be
Michigan is where he was from,
first baby to sit on his knee.

"It's so hard to say goodbye to you
when I know you may not find me
All I can do is pray and love you
You'll be lifted high, and be free.

The bond that's shared between mommy and I
a bond of true love without end
my mom couldn't raise me high as the sky.
Our love is one that cannot bend.

"Because I can't take care of you my baby,
I will let someone else love you,
and I will hope that someday just maybe
we'll meet again and share love too."
True Love


Nothing was the same, now that it was different.
a small choice could change your life
a big decision could alter your story.
After choosing a side,
a life could never be the same.
Make decisions today,
tomorrow make no regrets.
Regret and lose life.
lose life and
nothing will be the same,
especially now,
when everything is different.

How to Love

As a little one, my mommy couldn't take care of me.
My mommy wanted me to live a good life so she let someone else take care of me.
After I was born my mommy got to hold me for a little bit,
then the nurse took me back away from my mommy.
The nurse gave me to another mommy and daddy,
they could take care of me.
My new mommy and daddy dressed me up,
we went to court and we signed papers to finalize my new mommy and daddy.
I may not know who my first mommy and daddy are,
but I know who my new mommy and daddy are.
They are the best mommy and daddy you could have.
Because of them,
I learned to talk,
I learned to love,
I learned to walk,
I learned to be myself,
I learned love isn't just what you get through DNA,
It's what you share with others.

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