Priority Issue Voting

Our nation has a long history of voters who go to the polls to vote for one candidate or against another candidate based primarily on a single issue that takes priority over other issues they may have opinions about. From the abolition of slavery to civil rights for African-Americans and women, people have voted according to their principles and have made a difference for the better. This kind of voting is not new and is not something unique to only a few voters. Priority issue voting is critical, especially for the unborn. 

To put issues like taxes, education policy or economic growth before the most basic protection of human life is ethically questionable. With the undeniable scientific fact that unborn children are living human beings, how can we vote for a candidate who supports the unfettered killing of defenseless children? The legal “right” to take the life of an unborn child for mere social and economic reasons must end. The most vital tool we possess that can end this destruction of innocent human life is our informed vote.

A political candidate’s position on abortion is not about the availability of a medical procedure. It is about our government, through a handful of unelected judges giving one person the legal right to kill another innocent person.

We must change the political landscape by showing both major political parties that we will not accept candidates from either party who support abortion. We must send the strong signal that political candidates who support the killing of unborn children do not have the ability to adequately represent us at any level of government. Without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are without meaning.

Every human life has intrinsic value. To restore the right to life for all in the United States, we need to vote for prolife candidates. We need to be outspoken in making the protection of life our top voting priority as a nation. We need to share with others our selfless, focused approach to this most critical issue of life.