A characteristic of the New Testament epistles and the varied authors who wrote them is the idea of encouragement, the message of “press on” though everything around you may fall apart: “press on.”

This idea of encouragement is something everyone needs in life, especially coming off the year our nation and world experienced in 2020. There are days when Christ followers are simply overwhelmed and consumed with messages of despair, and it feels that nothing we say or do will make a difference. This can be especially true in the prolife and pro-family movements as we witness historical biblical barriers being torn down all around us, or when we view elected political parties and people who have sworn to make it not only legal, but a fundamental right for a person to choose to end the life of a human person who is not yet born. It is like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the steep hill, day after day, sweating, straining: a couple of steps forward, then three backwards, then one forward… You know the drill.

But this post is simple. It has one goal: Press on. Be of good cheer; have no fear; God is with us; our cause is just, right, and true: we shall prevail. It is not coincidence we begin every year with Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January 17, 2021). It is a yearly reminder to publicly commit ourselves to the cause, once again, to press on.

Rest if you must—but never retreat. Why? Because, in fact we are winning the war for Life! Of course, this epic war is not over by any stretch of the imagination. We must remind ourselves that we have and continue to score great victories that protect human life from conception to natural death. Point in fact, since 1990 abortions in America are continually declining.

Another fact: A new Supreme Court justice was just seated, moving the Court to an advantage for Life when considering all legal matters pertaining to the sanctity and preservation of human life. Even the most vocal pro-abortion advocates are admitting publicly that they are losing some ground. When recently asked about seeing the end of Roe v. Wade, NARAL President Ilyse Hogue said, “We absolutely could, and we’re certainly preparing with our partners in the movement for that.”

So, to the Church scattered abroad, to the oft-beleaguered and frequently challenged little flock, especially to the churches in Michigan, to the millions of Christ followers, and to the thousands of pastors, shepherds, and priests: press on. Fear not. We are winning, and very soon we shall reign victorious and abortion, infanticide and euthanasia will be defeated in our state, and God willing, in our nation.

Action Points:

  1. Celebrate and Commit to Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: January 17, 2021
  2. Thank God for His faithfulness to the prolife movement. He is with us. He will give us what we need.
  3. Pastors, remind your congregations that Life is winning, and ultimately, we have “won” because Truth always trumps death. Christ is light and life and has Himself already overcome the world, sin, and death.
  4. Finally, support your local Right to Life affiliate: encourage those workers. Join them in their efforts. Assign one person in your church to be a “life liaison” with the local affiliate. Take an offering on January 17, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

So, we begin. Or should we say, “let us continue” with faith, hope, and love, as light for Christ into an ever-darkening world. Let us go forth. God is with us. He is and ever shall be.