We could all sit down and come up with a long list of people who have suffered in this pandemic. It includes varying groups, from family members of those who have died, to businesses that have had to shut down permanently, costing their workers their livelihoods. However, that list should never include abortion facilities, both from a standpoint of ethics and simple financial reality.

The $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill doesn’t include the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment prevents tax dollars from being used to pay directly for abortions. It has been applied to the federal budget and other spending bills since 1976. Even though a majority of the U.S. Senate voted to include it in the relief bill, quirky budget rules and pro-abortion Congressional leaders kept it out.

Without the Hyde Amendment, pro-abortion state and federal officials can find creative ways to make sure your tax dollars are used to pay abortionists. Even with the Hyde Amendment attached to previous pandemic relief bills and other additional protections, some Planned Parenthood affiliates still found a way to illegally obtain small business loans. They certainly won’t be held accountable by the pro-abortion Biden Administration.

Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar corporation, not a small business. According to their annual reports, in the last decade they’ve made a combined profit of more than $1 billion dollars. While their commitment to abortion and politics increases, their services are dropping. They serve about 600,000 fewer people than they did a decade ago: breast exams down 64%, Pap tests down 65%, other cervical tests and treatments down 54%; the list continues.

Can you think of many successful business models that make more money while serving fewer clients? Certainly, your favorite restaurant hasn’t made a killing in the last year—if it’s still there.

Other abortion businesses are likely doing well, at least in Michigan. A year ago, Governor Whitmer shut down medical clinics, delaying life-sustaining treatments and screening tests. Abortion facilities were not included in her shutdown. Indeed, abortion facilities seemed to be one of the few things Governor Whitmer saw as mission critical to keep Michigan going; she called abortion “life-sustaining.”

In what sort of upside-down world does taking lives sustain life—where abortions are more important that cancer screenings? Businesses that received privileged treatment don’t deserve a place in line for your tax dollars. Is a corporation that made a profit of more than a billion dollars in the last decade in such rough shape that they need your money—while President Biden welshes on his promise to you for $2,000 stimulus checks?

Objection to an unnecessary Abortion Industry bailout isn’t just about their already rock-solid financial position, but a matter of conscience. Whether or not you agree with the amount and means of pandemic relief for various industries, practically nobody has a moral objection to restaurants, or farming, or trains. However, half the country morally objects to an industry whose business is the unjust and violent death of children in the womb.

Polls routinely show that more than half the country objects to forcing people to pay for abortions through their tax dollars. Even if Planned Parenthood didn’t have a billion dollars in assets and billionaire megadonors on speed dial, it would still be wrong to take money away from sustaining lives and spend it on taking lives.

President Biden and pro-abortion Congressional leaders aren’t finished yet—they want to remove the Hyde Amendment from the federal budget. No matter how many lives and tax dollars the Abortion Industry feeds on, it’s never enough, even in the midst of a long national crisis.