In the year 1596, William Shakespeare penned one of the most well-known phrases in literature, “the truth will out.” The idea that the truth will eventually become known—no matter how desperately it is suppressed or how convincingly it is hidden—is central to the idea of justice. Of course, once the truth is out, it is time for those involved to admit to it. That is just what Alexis McGill Johnson, president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood, did when she admitted to The Washington Post that abortion is a crucial part of her organization.

For decades Planned Parenthood has insisted that abortions are only a tiny portion of their business. They have asserted repeatedly that abortion procedures only make up 3% of their services and have used suspicious reporting and clever tricks to prove it. As the largest abortion provider in the nation, not only are these claims disingenuous, but they have been proven false multiple times.

Now, in the face of overwhelming evidence, Planned Parenthood is finally confessing they are a, “proud abortion provider.” In her interview McGill Johnson said that, “it is a critically important part of what we do. So I think when we say, ‘It’s a small part of what we do,’ what we’re doing is stigmatizing it.”

It is telling that she is concerned about stigmatizing an act that ends a human life through violent means. The truth is that abortion is a stain on the conscience of the United States. There can be no stigmatizing an act that is objectively morally wrong. Pro-abortion activists declaring that abortion is “health care” is yet another trick.

The truth is out that Planned Parenthood is an abortion business just as the truth is out that abortion is not healthcare. It is the duty of prolife people to insist that the purpose of health care is to preserve life not end it. Alexis McGill Johnson can shout abortion propaganda until she is blue in the face, but unfortunately for her, the truth will out.