By Anna Visser, Right to Life of Michigan Director of Communication/Education

If you were among the thousands of prolife supporters who volunteered, donated, spoke with friends and neighbors, protested, prayed, preached, or voted against Proposal 3, you know that Right to Life of Michigan kept no resource in reserve as we fought to protect the unborn.

Right to Life of Michigan has fought for the unborn for 50 years, 49 of which were under Roe. The passing of Proposal 3 challenges us to look at the hearts and minds of our fellow Michiganders—the majority of which either embraced abortion or were deceived into voting for it. This sad truth presents us with a battle which is much less glamorous than legal fights or elections but is infinitely more important. The hearts of Michiganders must be shown the truth. Every election race is important, but Michigan’s soul can only be secured through a long, grueling marathon.

With this in mind, Right to Life of Michigan is entering our End of the Year Match, aptly titled “Renew and Rebuild”. Donations made to Right to Life of Michigan will be 100% matched as we gear up for the long road ahead. We are preparing, not for an election or a race or campaign, but for the monumental task of moving hearts in Michigan through conversations, outreach, events, marches, tables, speakers, and continual, relentless engagement. The “Renew and Rebuild” End of Year Match begins on November 14 and will continue through December 31, with the goal of raising $100,000.

We would like to call on all our supporters to help us in this endeavor. With exhausted funds, a difficult campaign behind us, and a whole state to reach, now is truly the time for us to rebuild our resources and renew the strength in our volunteers, staff, supporters, and donors. Thank you for your continued support for the unborn. We will not leave them defenseless.