New TV documentary “Life Uninvited”
addresses rape and abortion issue

January 18, 2016 - Right to Life of Michigan has created a new 30-minute television documentary, Life Uninvited, which examines the controversial issue of rape and abortion. The film presents four women telling their own stories of how they have been personally impacted by rape, incest or abortion.

Life Uninvited will debut on major networks throughout the state of Michigan during the weekend of January 23 and 24. The film will play state-wide again on January 31.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Too often the serious issue of rape, incest and abortion only gets brought up by candidates in the middle of election campaigns. This ground-breaking film gives people a chance to approach this issue for themselves.”

Each of the four women shares a different personal experience. Three of the women are themselves rape survivors, three were conceived through rape, one has had an abortion and one has a daughter conceived through rape.

Listing said, “Most people have not heard any of these perspectives before. We invite people to tune in with open minds and learn more about these four remarkable women.”

The film was produced by Minus Red and lead filmmaker Jim Hanon. Hanon is the creative force behind many Right to Life of Michigan television advertisements. In the past, Jim Hanon has served as a vice president at a worldwide advertising agency and was the director of the 2005 movie End of the Spear.

Life Uninvited was inspired by the compassion project television advertisements that Right to Life of Michigan ran throughout the state in 2015.

The television schedule and channel listings for Life Uninvited can be found at the Right to Life of Michigan website,

For more information: Right to Life of Michigan Director of Communication Chris Gast, 616-532-2300,

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