Right to Life Challenges Legislative Committee:
Sort Fact from Fiction on Embryo Research

Lansing, Mich. -- Right to Life of Michigan called on a legislative committee in Lansing working on the annual budget for universities to separate fact from fiction in the debate over embryo research reporting requirements. The Michigan House and Senate must resolve differences in the bill over how Proposal 2 of 2008, which authorized destructive human embryo research, will be implemented and monitored.

Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Ed Rivet said, "Proposal 2 did not authorize research to be conducted in secret nor prohibit transparency."

The language being debated in the Higher Education budget will provide basic information from public universities on the number of human embryos donated, the number of human embryos used for research, and the number of research projects using human embryonic stem cells derived from donated embryos.

Rivet denounced irresponsible rhetoric from opponents of the legislation, refuting the claims that such legislation would restrict research and undermine scientific freedom.

Rivet said, "The legislation does not restrict in any way either embryonic stem cell research or the donation of embryos. It is absurd to suggest that submitting one report with five questions will drive researchers out of Michigan and bring research to a halt."

Lastly, Right to Life of Michigan criticized Proposal 2 supporters for claiming the constitutional amendment has been a boon for Michigan. "They tout millions in new federal stimulus dollars for research, but fail to mention that all of that money would have been awarded without Proposal 2. They promote a new study on Lou Gehrig's disease that uses stem cells, but ignore the fact that the stem cells came from an 8 week-old aborted baby, not from an embryo. They are trying to create a false reality that Proposal 2 has changed everything," Rivet said.

It is not known how soon the combined House-Senate conference committee will meet to finally resolve the matter.

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