Genevieve Marnon Appointed New Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director

May 2, 2018, Lansing, Mich. -- Genevieve Marnon has been appointed the new legislative director of Right to Life of Michigan (RLM). Marnon will succeed Ed Rivet, who has served the organization as legislative director for more than 30 years.

Marnon currently serves as RLM’s public affairs associate in Lansing. She will officially take over for Rivet on May 14, following Rivet’s last day on May 11.

Marnon said, “RLM has a tremendous reputation of advocacy for the unborn, medically vulnerable and elderly. Our legislative record is among the best in the country. We’ve made great strides in providing legal protections for the unborn, but until Roe v. Wade is overturned, there is more work to do.”

In his three decades in RLM’s Lansing legislative office, Rivet shaped Michigan’s policy significantly towards protecting every human life, both in the beginning and ending stages.

Rivet was a driving force behind Michigan’s human cloning ban in 1998, the first of its kind in the nation. He was also the principal author of the 2004 Legal Birth Definition Act to ban partial-birth abortion in Michigan, subject of the 2004 “People’s Override” of Governor Jennifer Granholm’s veto. Rivet served on the Michigan Commission on Death & Dying in 1993 in the wake of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's lethal activities.

RLM President Barbara Listing said, “Ed has given us 30 years of his talents and commitment to advancing a culture of life. Through his wisdom, experience, integrity and dedication, Ed has advanced our mission and made RLM a force for good at the state Capitol. We wish him success in his new venture as executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum.”

For the last five years Marnon has worked closely with Rivet in almost every aspect of the legislative process. Her work has helped RLM update abortion clinic regulations, remove built-in abortion coverage from health insurance, and required hospitals to notify patients of their futile care policies.

Marnon has also served as a spokeswoman for RLM. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oakland University. Her previous experience includes teaching, financial marketing, and raising a family of three children with her husband, Mark.

Marnon said, “Following in the footstep of Ed Rivet will be a humbling experience, but I’ve spent nearly 6 years working with Ed, learning the legislative process, researching prolife topics and lobbying for prolife legislation. As legislative director, I will do all that I can to forward polices to ensure that Michigan laws respect the value of all human life.”

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