Package of bills requests embryo research transparency

The passage of Proposal 2 by a narrow margin in 2008 left many questions regarding human embryonic stem cell research in its wake. To answer those questions, Democratic and Republican lawmakers came together to introduce the Embryo Research and Fertility Clinic Transparency Act on June 18, 2009.

The Embryo Research Transparency Act consists of several bills that would codify the wording of Proposal 2 into Michigan law. The package will fulfill the promise of its supporters that no human embryos will be created specifically for destructive research or be bought or sold for monetary value. The legislation would ban the creation of human-animal hybrids and amend the current ban on creating cloned human embryos to prevent trafficking of cloned humans into Michigan. The legislation would also require researchers and fertility clinics to file an annual report to ensure transparency, as well as require informed consent for parents before donating the human embryos.

The bills will not reverse any portion of Proposal 2. The purpose of this legislation is not to impose government regulation, but to add transparency. There are currently no federal or Michigan laws that govern the research and no procedures in place for enforcing violations of Proposal 2. For the first time in Michigan history, a population of human beings will be classified as “research material” and destroyed for their parts. Without setting reasonable policies in place, we face a wide-open field with great potential for abuse.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "While we disagree with a form of research that destroys human life, if such research is to be conducted, strict guidelines and protection against further abuse are necessary. Supporters of Proposal 2 said that there would be careful oversight of research to prevent any abuses, we intend to make sure their promises are kept in Michigan law. "

For more information about the Embryo Research and Fertility Clinic Transparency Act, contact the Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Office at 517-487-3376.

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