RLM-PAC Endorses Mike Cox

The following statement may be attributed to Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee
Chairman Paul Miller and Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing.

The Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC) has endorsed Attorney General Mike Cox for Governor in the Republican Primary Election. The RLM-PAC endorsed Mike Cox twice in his winning state-wide campaigns for attorney general. As Attorney General, he defended Michigan's ban on partial birth abortion to the U.S. Supreme Court despite the governor's opposition. He has defied Governor Granholm by immediately filing a lawsuit challenging the national health care law which includes federal funding of abortion. Without doubt, his office has been the most responsive Attorney General's office to our prolife goals in the post Roe era. As governor, Mike Cox will provide leadership in calling for the defense of innocent life and will use the powers of the executive office to institute administrative measures to protect the unborn.

Mike CoxAs in all elections and with all endorsements, come many questions. Following is background and information to aid those with questions.

In each election cycle, the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee through an established set of criteria has the responsibility of making endorsements for public office. We work toward the day that all candidates in both political parties meet our criteria for endorsement. Unfortunately that day is not the reality of today's political landscape.

Every candidate campaign has its own set of unique circumstances and the RLM-PAC must work within those circumstances and realities. This year's primary race for governor is no exception. In the Democrat primary for governor, neither candidate is prolife by our established standards. In the Republican primary for governor, the RLM-PAC was faced with a different situation. Four of the five candidates who filed for the election had been endorsed by the RLM-PAC in past elections - Mike Bouchard, Mike Cox, Tom George and Pete Hoekstra. The fifth candidate, Rick Snyder, had no past association with the RLM-PAC.

The RLM-PAC by-laws call for any candidate to complete a questionnaire and be interviewed by a committee, in the case of the candidate for governor by the state board of the RLM-PAC. Four of the candidates completed those requirements. Rick Snyder refused to fill out a questionnaire and refused to meet with the RLM-PAC state board, which is composed of volunteers from throughout the state.

Through his public statements and public records, it was soon apparent why candidate Snyder refused to go through the RLM-PAC process. He knew that because of his public record of financially supporting human embryonic stem cell research and his public statements regarding his exceptions to protecting innocent human life, that he would not meet criteria for endorsement.

The RLM-PAC's by-laws require that when there is a multi-candidate race with several credible and electable prolife candidates and one or more electable non-prolife candidate, that a choice for endorsement must be made. The reason: to attempt to unify the prolife vote so it does not splinter thus allowing the candidate who will not care about the life issues being elected. This year's Republican gubernatorial primary met those requirements.

The RLM-PAC spent weeks in making their final decision for endorsement. Their endorsement choice was based upon candidate questionnaires, confidential personal interviews, strength of the campaigns. The choice was made by an experienced board of dedicated volunteers who have no other motive than attempting to do their best in advancing our life principles and goals.

In making the endorsement decisions, the RLM-PAC is well aware that its choices may not be popular with everyone. However, popularity is not an issue nor a mandated result. Rather, endorsements are made based upon the bylaws and criteria established by the RLM-PAC Board over the years. Adhering to these by-laws and building upon the experiences of the past have led to election of prolife officials which in turn has meant the enactment of prolife laws and prolife measures thus saving thousands of lives.

In addition to the endorsement for governor, hundreds of other primary election endorsements have been made. The Right to Life of Michigan News will be mailed the first of July with all of the federal, state and local RLM-PAC endorsements. In addition, the RLM-PAC endorsements will soon be available on the Right to Life of Michigan web site, www.rtl.org.

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