Embryonic stem cell research destroys human life

The 2010 World Stem Cell Summit will be taking place in Detroit this October 4-6. The summit will consist of scientists, physicians and others interested in the expansion of human embryonic stem cell research.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "We must acknowledge that to conduct human embryonic stem cell research requires the destruction of human embryos. Embryos who do not have a voice are human enough for experimentation, but not human enough to be given a chance at life."

To date, human embryonic stem cell research has produced no treatments nor cures while adult stem cell research has yielded more than 70 treatments for serious diseases and ailments.

Embryonic stem cell research destroys human embryos for the potential end-result of treating another person. Yet, embryonic stem cells have not treated or cured any human being during its 12 years in research and development. However, medical researchers are still encouraging the continuation of the destruction of one life without consent in the hopes of saving another.

Listing said, "Embryonic stem cell research targets the smallest and most vulnerable member of our human family, the human embryo. We all want to realize cures, but cures should never be pursued at the expense of destroying human lives."

Scientists argue that frozen embryos remaining from fertility treatments will be discarded or thrown away, but another alternative is available. Embryo adoptions open a world of possibilities for couples struggling with infertility. Numerous families in Michigan have adopted embryos.

Listing said, "While the World Stem Cell Summit hypes human embryonic stem cell research, Right to Life of Michigan will be a steady voice of reason for the vulnerable embryo. At one time we were all embryos. You have a right to life, I have a right to life and each human embryo has the right to life."


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