Proposal 2 is NOT delivering on its promises to create jobs and advance research

October 22, 2009

Today the University of Michigan released details of the $6.8 million in federal stimulus-fund grants given to scientists for stem cell research. While Michigan needs the economic boost, questions on ethical research are being highlighted by Right to Life of Michigan.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "Ten out of the 11 grants awarded to the University of Michigan scientists do not involve human embryonic stem cells as material for the research. That is the good news, however, one grant does require human embryo stem cells to be used. In order for researchers to obtain embryonic stem cells, a human embryo must be killed. Killing some human beings in the vague hope of treating others isn’t valuing human lives and it isn’t ethical research."

Some have suggested that the passage of Proposal 2 in 2008 has encouraged the biomedical field in Michigan. The reality is that the passage of Proposal 2 did nothing to aid scientists in winning the $6.8 million in grants from our federal government. Proposal 2 legalized experimentation on and the killing of human embryos in Michigan for research purposes. There were no restrictions on stem cell research in Michigan prior to Proposal 2. Embryonic stem cell research has been occurring at the University of Michigan with the support of federal tax dollars since 2003. The University of Michigan candidly states that the one human embryonic stem cell study funded by the federal stimulus grants would have been permitted prior to the passage of Proposal 2.

There are no new treatments from embryonic stem cell research. No human being has yet to be successfully treated with embryonic stem cells. The FDA halted the only approved embryonic stem cell research clinical trial because of safety concerns.

In 2008, Right to Life of Michigan worked tirelessly as part of a coalition of Michigan citizens who joined together against unrestricted experimentation on live human embryos. MiCAUSE, Michigan Citizens Against Unrestricted Science and Experimentation, was put into place to provide accurate information so citizens could be informed about the November 2008 state-wide ballot proposal.

A slim majority of Michigan voters passed Proposal 2 which amended the state constitution to allow “leftover” embryos in fertility clinics to be donated for destructive research, with their parent’s consent. The amendment comes with no definitions, no accountability and no penalties for violating the provisions set forth. Right to Life of Michigan supports a bipartisan package of bills introduced in June 2009 which draw clear parameters around this research as promised by the proponents and voted on by the people.

Despite the passage of Proposal 2, Right to Life of Michigan will continue to fight any measures to expand further the destruction of human life in the name of research. Right to Life of Michigan continues to support ethical and proven stem cell research that today is benefiting those who are ill and suffering.

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