Right to Life of Michigan Saddened by the Killing of Dr. George Tiller

While the circumstances surrounding the killing of Dr. George Tiller are still under investigation, violence against another human being saddens Right to Life of Michigan. Dr. Tiller was known for performing late-term abortions in Kansas. To counter violence with violence is against the
principles of Right to Life of Michigan. True respect and dignity for human life dictates a right to life for all people regardless of whether they share our prolife views.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “We have always opposed, and will continue to oppose, actions that are contrary to the law. What has been proven by science is the truth that human life begins at conception. Each human life is deserving of our respect. We prove
our prolife position by lawfully helping women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and by extending our help to women who are suffering from a past abortion, not by killing abortion providers.”

Right to Life of Michigan has worked diligently through education and legislation to bring abortion to an end in Michigan. Listing said, “Abortion never needs to be the only choice offered to women in need. Right to Life of Michigan is working throughout the state to ensure that
women know people are willing to support and assist those who are struggling with an untimely or crisis pregnancy.”

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