Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee Issues  

General Election Endorsements

Grand Rapids, Mich. - Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC) has issued its endorsements for the 2012 General Election. Right to Life of Michigan PAC has made endorsements in nearly 300 races including national, state, judicial and local elections. At the top of the ticket, Right to Life of Michigan PAC has endorsed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for president and vice-president and has endorsed Pete Hoekstra for the U.S. Senate. Right to Life of Michigan is the largest prolife organization in the state.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "We are working to educate the public in Michigan about the prolife values of Mitt Romney and Pete Hoekstra while contrasting those prolife beliefs with the extreme pro-abortion positions of President Barack Obama and Senator Debbie Stabenow. People in our state are unaware that both President Obama and Senator Stabenow support tax-funded abortions and did not support a ban on partial-birth abortion. President Obama even opposed legislation to prohibit sex-selection abortions."

The Right to Life of Michigan PAC makes it easy for voters to identify endorsed prolife candidates for the November 6 election. The Right to Life of Michigan News listing RLM-PAC endorsed candidates will reach more than 270,000 homes in Michigan. An additional resource for voters is the online option of generating a Personal Prolife Ballot at the Right to Life of Michigan web site, www.rtl.org. The My Prolife Vote web page at rtl.org/myprolifevote offers voter information, candidate comparisons and records on life issues. 

Right to Life of Michigan PAC has the largest grassroots PAC in the state with hundreds of prolife individuals willing to volunteer their time to interview candidates on life issues and make recommendations to the State PAC Board, which is also comprised of grassroots volunteers.

Listing said, "The 2012 election is incredibly important for the most vulnerable members of our society. Will our society and government continue down a path where defenseless human beings are not protected or will we elect people willing to defend the defenseless and be a voice for the voiceless?"

For more general election information, visit My Prolife Vote.



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