Michigan House Begins Partial Birth Abortion Ban Process

Michigan citizens and Right to Life of Michigan have labored for 15 years to enact a ban on partial birth abortions in our state. A state law insures that prohibitions on partial birth abortion can be enforced and abortionists who illegally perform partial birth abortions may be prosecuted.

The Michigan House Families, Children & Seniors Committee will take testimony on House Bill 4109 and 4110 at a public hearing today, Thursday, June 16, in Lansing. The first bill makes performing a partial birth abortion a crime; the second is a technical bill providing the sentencing guidelines for anyone convicted of the crime.

This hearing is only for receiving testimony and no vote on the bills will take place.

Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Ed Rivet said, "Now is the time for Michigan to finally place this measure to protect babies who are inches from being born on our law books once and for all."

RLM Legislative Director Ed Rivet is available for comment. Ed can be reached at 517/ 487-3376.

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