David Malone Appointed as Right to Life of Michigan

Political Action Committee Director

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing announces today the appointment of David Malone as the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC) director. Malone succeeds Larry Galmish, who retired after serving 18 years as the RLM-PAC director.

The RLM-PAC was established as the political action arm of Right to Life of Michigan, the leading prolife organization in Michigan. The express directive of the RLM-PAC is to endorse candidates for political office who would be the best and most effective voice for the unborn and vulnerable members of the human family.

Malone said, “I look forward to aiding in RLM-PAC's mission of helping to elect strong prolife candidates.  Through its diligent work, RLM-PAC has developed a strong track record of helping to elect candidates who will vote to protect vulnerable human beings and be a voice for the voiceless. These candidates have passed laws which have played an ample role in the more than 50 percent drop in reported abortions in Michigan.”

As a Calvin College student, David Malone interned with Right to Life of Michigan. Following his internship and graduation from Calvin with a degree in Political Science, he accepted the position of education coordinator. His 10 years of experience working with life issues and his involvement with the RLM-PAC made him the ideal candidate for the position, Listing said.

Malone said, “Denying basic rights to certain human beings based on arbitrary criteria like size and stage of development is an injustice which has afflicted our country and state for too long.  RLM-PAC will persevere in its work of undoing this injustice by endorsing candidates who recognize the importance of life.”

As the RLM-PAC director, Malone will help in the election of prolife candidates to public office. By working with volunteers from across the state, capable prolife candidates will be identified through individual candidate questionnaires and personal interviews. 

“All human life has value and to make this a reality in Michigan and the United States, we need to vote for candidates who accept the dignity of human life.  I’m looking forward to serving the prolife people in Michigan as the RLM-PAC director,” Malone said.

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