Large crowd expected for Life Lobby Day 

Lansing, Mich. - Right to Life of Michigan has set Thursday, December 6, as a day for people to show their support at the Capitol for life-affirming legislation. People from across Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, will join together in Lansing to send a positive message of support for prolife legislation.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "There are several important pieces of legislation currently under consideration here in Lansing. These major life-affirming policies will protect the health and safety of women, protect the interests of taxpayers, and protect the conscience rights of health care providers."

Those attending Life Lobby Day will be voicing support to Michigan House Representatives, Senators and to Gov. Rick Snyder for the "Prolife Bus," H.B. 5711; Abortion Insurance Opt-Out, S.B. 612, 613 & 614; and the Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act, S.B. 975.

Earlier this year the State House passed an unprecedented package of prolife bills, led by House Bill 5711, an omnibus bill combining several separate prolife bills into one bill. This is known as the Prolife Bus. A Senate Committee quickly followed suit and moved the bill to the Senate floor. In addition to the Prolife Bus, backing will be given to the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out bills to exclude abortion coverage from state or federal exchange insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act and from all other insurance plans offered in Michigan. The Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act will be supported to protect the conscience rights of those involved in health care.

Listing said, "Excitement is building for this positive, peaceful participation in the legislative process. We have heard from hundreds of people who are making plans to participate with Life Lobby Day. I am looking forward to being in Lansing on Thursday."

Stand for women. Stand for Life.
Thursday, December 6, in Lansing  

For More Information:
Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Ed Rivet - 517-487-3376
Right to Life of Michigan Director of Public Information Pam Sherstad - 616-532-2300

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